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Swedish classes in Gothenberg

Other than SFI

post 9.Sep.2017, 09:53 AM
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I am family person living in Göteborg. I came to Sweden 6 years back as student. I got job after that on global company which doesn't require much Swedish in day to day work related activities. Somehow I gathered basic level of Swedish which is not sufficient for me to lookout of other opportunities. Most companies are asking Swedish skills irrespective of my experience. I can get exciting opportunities if I improve my language skills. I gave up hopes on government programs for helping international people to improve skills. It doesn't some how works for me. Even though I request now, I don't know when I will get a seat in SFI.

I am looking for private classes F2F in Gothenberg. I want to improve my skills as quick as possible. My main intension is speak fluently and also understand the people conversation without being lost in middle.

Is there any such services being offered in Göteborg? It would be really helpful if they can do it affordable prices.
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post 9.Sep.2017, 10:57 AM
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Hey, I went through the exact same situation and gave up on SFI as it is soooooo slow. I ended up doing SAS by distance through Hermods. You can buy the classes yourself, you're assigned a teacher and you can move through the material as quickly or slowly as you wish. If you want to spend 4 hours a day you can do that, if you want to do just 4 hours a week you can do that too, you decide. My teacher gave really good feedback and it worked well for me. Be warned though that it requires a lot of discipline to study by distance as you only have yourself to supply the needed motivation. It also really helps if you have people around you in everyday life that can speak just Swedish with you like friends or at work ect (if not maybe join a meetup group for speaking Swedish, there is a few on for Gothenburg). It was 2950kr for each of SAS1 and SAS2 plus 600kr to write the national test for SAS2 when your done(which you need to arrange yourself) and about 500kr for the required ebooks, so it was approximately 7000 kr all-in. I ended up going through SAS1 & 2 in about 4 months which would have normally taken up to 2 years through the regular classes offered at other places. Here's the link for SAS1:
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post 23.Oct.2017, 08:44 PM
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I am using

If price isnt an issue and you want to learn quick. One on one skype tutoring. Price depends on how much you buy but 150sek per hour if you get 40 hours.

This is better than class lessons especially if you know some swedish because they can identify what you know and need to learn I use Stina, she is pretty good.
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