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Posted by: Billy_UK 7.Jan.2019, 04:13 PM

I’ve been thinking about my pensions lately (quite early to be doing it but still) and didn’t realise you can actually pay for UK national insurance contributions that you’ve missed out on (and going forward) to secure you full basic state pension. Has anyone else been doing this? From what I’ve read if you’ve been resident in the UK for at least three years (and paid at least 3 years NI) and go to work abroad you can pay class 2 NI contributions which is about £3 a week.

Have I got this completely wrong? It seems a bit too go to be true.

Posted by: Uncle Fred 7.Jan.2019, 07:46 PM

Hi, I Have a UK pension paid into Sweden and they are very good. I worked in many places around the world as self employed. I paid most of my national contributions but not 100%. You can top up if you want to, just give them a call they are very helpful.

This maybe of help as well.

Biggest problem is when it comes declaration time in Sweden and that's another story.

Posted by: andrewjames 8.Jan.2019, 01:13 AM

Hi, yes, it's true. I've been in Sweden since 2014 and I've done this. Last year I paid in 10 years worth of payments at a cost of around 150 a year. This is voluntary and has nothing to do with Skatteverket as there's no income element nor is there any credit that you're trying to take on your Swedish tax return.

Posted by: Mpf 8.Jan.2019, 12:46 PM

I opted to pay voluntary contributions when I arrived here as I only needed a few years to reach the 30 years qualifying years for a full UK state pension. Obviously these goal posts then changed and I looked at paying again.

When I first arrived I was advised (in correctly) that I should pay Class 3 NI contributions. After reapplying I was then told I should have paid Class 2! Now in a long battle to get them converted and extra years added, but without luck so far.

Depending on your situation and how many years you already have in the bank, so to speak, it wouldn't do any harm. From what I have read, the only impact BREXIT might have on your UK state pension is that once out of the EU, the UK might no longer offer the annual increases. This has still to be thrashed out by the government.

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