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Sweden sends phone equipment to New Orleans

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post 12.Sep.2005, 05:33 PM
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Sweden sends phone equipment to New Orleans

Sweden on Monday sent GSM mobile phone equipment to New Orleans to help restore telecommunications to areas hit by hurricane Katrina, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency has said.

A Hercules F7 transport plane took off from Landvetter airport in Gothenburg, on Sweden's southwestern coast, on Monday with "three GSM network stations" supplied by telecoms giant Ericsson on board, a spokesman for the state agency, Mats Oscarsson, told AFP.

"That's all the United States accepted from our offer," he added.

Sweden offered on September 2nd to send water sanitation equipment, experts and medical aid, but the US said it was unable to process the foreign aid requests at the time and only got back to Sweden this weekend.

Telecommunications giant Ericsson, which is supplying the mobile telephony material, was also sending two employees, accompanied by a logistics expert from the state agency.

The shipment is scheduled to land at a US military base in Little Rock, Arkansas, before being transported by truck to New Orleans.
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Braderunner Rennuredarb
post 12.Sep.2005, 06:07 PM
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Taglined as a "snub"? :roll:

That reminds me of that Chris Rock movie Head of State, I think, where he is attacked by his political opponent with the followind scenario:
Mays Gilliam did not attend last year's fundraiser for cancer treatment. Does that mean that Mays Gilliam is pro-cancer?
The US was not prepared to accept all of the aid that was offered (not just from Sweden)sometimes you can have too many cooks in the kitchen (some people might say that all of the cooks in this case were crazy glue sniffers and out somewhere else while the food was burning - but I wont go there).

Its not a snub - they took what they thought would do them the most good. Cell phone stations - VITAL in coordinating efforts and allowing others to reach loved ones. Good on Sweden and good on Ericsson (lets just hope they sent the triband GSM recievers so the phones work :wink: )
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post 13.Sep.2005, 12:27 AM
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Can you hear me now, Gothenburg?
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post 13.Sep.2005, 12:33 PM
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I am sure that Sweden understands why the US did not respond to the offer at first. I am not really sure about the water cleaning facilities though, could that not have been a good idea last week? What do you all think?
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post 13.Sep.2005, 12:41 PM
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Yeah, I'm sure that most Swedes who actually think about the chaos out there will understand the situation. I mean, they didn't even use hundreds of their own school buses to get people out - what use would a load of Swedish gear have been?

What's important is that the offer was there.

As an aside, I wonder how Sweden would handle a disaster on the same scale hitting Gothenburg or Stockholm...
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post 13.Sep.2005, 12:47 PM
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Oh that would be scary...I dont know really. My dad used to work for the coast guard and they dealt with tragedies all the time, like they were the first ones to assist in the Scandinavian Star ferry fire years ago...I think Sweden are best at that, accidents and the like. Not sure about natural disasters as we rarely have them. I think a lot of people will be shocked and not be able to organise things. Not sure...the tsunami happened so far away and it was more the fact that the government did not realise that there were lots of Swedes there at the time. Hard to say!
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post 13.Sep.2005, 08:23 PM
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I agree that there was probably no snub intended. If you look at the whole list of things being offered by most of the countries in the world you realise that trying to organise the offers must be quite a job. Probably the biggest problem appears to be that the offices that should be in the best place to accept offers, i.e. the the local councils and state offices, were themselves hit by the emergency, offices flooded and staff missing.

Another problem, and its a problem in Sweden, and many countries, is that politicians end up in the top management roles. Politicians don't usually make good managers - look at the response in Stockholm to the tragedy of the swedish tsunami victims.
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