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Driving and phoning

Road conditions

Seamus Sean
post 12.Dec.2012, 07:53 PM
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Sounds a wee bit like dodging there Johno??

You could list them...but you won`t...mmmmmm, me thinks you know you´ve made a eejit out of yourself and that was why you started attacking me and insulting me, hey if that´s how you get when you discuss with adults maybe you should stay out of grown up discussions, just a thought!

Your the one that keeps tells us there are so few cops on the road that a ban on phones is unpolicable, when I point out that all the other laws, inculding winter tyres, are in general, there is always a few knobs breaking the speed limit etc,adhered too by Swedish drivers you go all wobbly and insult me, I believe that is normal the point a debate is lost by the way.

Any ideas why laws dealing with roads, cars, traffic were made in the first place? Reckon it was any thing to do with making the roads safer?? Well you don`t think sticking to the laws has anything to do with a reduction in road deaths, or have you changed your mind.

Oh and I know you can read...it´s taking in what you read I fear you have problems with, old chap! unsure.gif
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post 12.Dec.2012, 08:20 PM
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Seamus, there are none so deaf as those who wont hear, and we are experiencing them here. It is a waste of time and effort and whilst I don't view it as giving up, I am going over to the thought that you can lead a horse to water etc. Yorkshireman is only interested in his pudding, Johno well who knows what he truly thinks, and the other antagonists,. hopefully they will get in the way of someone on their phone one day. Only then might they have a change of heart. That is if they have hearts. So knickers to them all. tongue.gif
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Seamus Sean
post 12.Dec.2012, 08:39 PM
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You could be onto to something there Hisingen, could be time to leave them too it.

In fairness to Yorkshireman he stuck to his point, making laws that won´t be followed can have a knock on affect on other laws etc, using the UK and USA as examples when discussing Scandinavian was a tad silly I thought, a bit like compairing night and day if you ask me, but he didn´t resort to insults, regardless if we agreed or disagreed with him.

Johno on the other hand...well I could list out all the guys faults during the disscussion...but I won´t!

He did help both sides of the disscussion though, being so kind to point out that the roads here aren´t policed as much as in other lands I have found myself in...yet such a low death toll due to road traffic accidents...it can only be that drivers here drive safer i.e within the law, more than else where without the need to have cops on every street corner, which just proves the point we have been trying to make, a ban on mobile phones while driving would work here in Sweden, so I guess we kinda owe Johno a thank you...couldn´t have done it with out him.

By the way any idea what counties have just the two squad cars??

See ya! tongue.gif
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post 12.Dec.2012, 09:32 PM
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QUOTE (Seamus Sean @ 12.Dec.2012, 08:39 PM) *
...yet such a low death toll due to road traffic accidents...it can only be that drivers here drive safer i.e within the law, more than else where without the need to have cop ... (show full quote)

Sorry, You have proven nothing. Swedish road deaths and injuries reduce year upon year, which if anything proves that the drivers are becoming safer drivers (and have safer cars), but it does not prove it has anything to do with following the law. Just shows they are safer drivers.

In fact, as already stated ... the very fact that Sweden has one of the lowest death and injury rates, yet one of the highest rates of mobile/smart phone penetration/use ... then one should see during the last 15 years a marked slowdown in the reduction, or more probable an increase, in road deaths and injuries. But there is not, it consistantly reduces year upon year.
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Bender B Rodriquez
post 12.Dec.2012, 10:10 PM
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QUOTE (Seamus Sean @ 12.Dec.2012, 09:39 PM) *
By the way any idea what counties have just the two squad cars??

Here you have three counties of the size of Scotland+England with only 5 police patrols on duty in total:

The fact is that if you are on a country road almost anywhere in Sweden the chance of seeing a police car is extremely slim. As a regular driver in Gothenburg I have only seen a traffic police checkpoint three times in the last 7 years, all on the main roads.
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Seamus Sean
post 12.Dec.2012, 10:19 PM
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Sorry Yorkshireman I think I was wrong there, please forgive me?

Seems you are not sticking to your point and have now gone as far as to try say the more people use their phone while driving the safer the roads become?????

Deaths are down yet phone use is up????

Get a grip man, your starting to make even less sense than normal.

You have made a complete U-turn, first you agreed driving while using the phone is dangerous, now your saying deaths are reduced since it became common practise.

Saying that driving safe has nothing to do with driving with due care and consideration for the laws of the land is equaly as dodgy as your "the more you use your phone the safer it becomes" theory.

Why do we have laws concerning traffic in the first place? To make the roads safer!!! The laws are working...FACT!!!

Without cops on every corner...that kinda blows your whole "how will it be policed" argument out of the water.

I consider driving within the speed limits, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, wearing my seat belt, keeping a safe distance from the car in front, with the proper tyres on depending on the time of year and so on, to be safe driving, in doing so I am obeying the laws of the land, so by staying within the law I am driving safe...if only I had met you sooner I would have found out that using my phone while driving would make me even safer

...naw it wouldn´t sorry..

.and for you to even think of trying to claim a conection in the reduced number of road deaths and the increase in phone use while driving is even more silly than comparing Sweden to the USA and the UK, seems Johno has a rival for the honour of standing in the corner, facing the wall while wearing that pointy hat!

Hisingen was 100% and I have had enough, so I´ll bid you a farewell and this will be my last post on the subject, as you have done a couple of complete U-Turns during the disscussion, sayingh the laws on drugs are damaging to then say they don´t make a difference and now this...I fear we keep going you´ll end up inside out and up side down, so all the best, take care on them roads and obey the law wink.gif
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post 12.Dec.2012, 10:48 PM
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And here is the drink/drug driving caught statistics for the last 10 years ...which kind of implies that even though there is laws are not followed as strickly as you would like to believe:

Attached Image

...makes one wonder about how many are not caught.

Laws are only respected if policed and enforced. Anything else that is respected is because the majorities perception is that it is a good (right) thing to do, rather than just because there is a law.

You have proven nothing, and I didn't say phones have made driving safer, I am saying that the data for Sweden doesn't show any marked rise in traffic accidents/deaths due to mobile phones not being banned. tongue.gif
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post 12.Dec.2012, 11:05 PM
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Sweden has one of the lowest death and injury rates according to data?. Hmmmmmmmmmm

According to CARE which maintains the road accident database Project co-financed by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Mobility & Transport

It says the following

- Inherent incompatibility of national accident data remains a source of possible misinterpretation when performing comparative analyses.

- The period 2000-2009 - data for some countries and corresponding years were not yet available in the CARE database at the date of drafting this report. while certain variables may be missing even when the data are present.

- There are missing values in the CARE database.

Bulgaria no data between 2000-2009
Estonia, Cyprus and Slovakia No data availability between 2000-2004
Lithuania No data available between 2000-2009
Switzerland only 2004 and 2009 Data available
Sweden no data of the year 2009

It should be taken into account that analysis and comparisons of the numbers of accidents and injuries are not always possible, as different definitions exist in each EU Member State.

Annual number of injury accidents by country, 2008.

SE: 18.462
DK: 5.020
IE: 6.736
SI: 9.165
FI: 6.881
EL: 15.083

Annual number of fatalities by country, 2008.

SE: 397
FI: 344
SI: 214
ES: 3.099
DK: 406

Annual number of pedestrian fatalities by country, 2008

SE: 45
SI: 39
IE: 49
LU: 6
ES: 502

Annual number of car and taxi driver and passengers fatalities by country, 2008
SE: 234
FI: 202
IE: 160
LU: 20

Annual number of heavy goods vehicles >3,5t fatalities by country, 2008

Annual number of bus or coach fatalities by country, 2008

Annual number of female fatalities by country, 2008
DK: 107

Annual number of male fatalities by country, 2008

Please visit: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/...cs/index_en.htm for further investigation. sad.gif

Annual number of fatalities by age group by country
Annual number of female fatalities by country, passengers
Annual number of female fatalities by country, pedestrians
Annual number of male fatalities by country, pedestrians
Number of total fatalities by age group by country
Number of female fatalities by age group by country
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post 12.Dec.2012, 11:13 PM
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Attached Image
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 12.Dec.2012, 11:23 PM
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Wow!...This thread has really taken off!

When you drive you are supposed to drive without distraction...period!

I believe that some insurance companies (USA) are getting cell phone records of those involved in accidents...and if found to be on the phone while driving...have major difficulties getting claims approved...and why not? Yes? No?
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post 13.Dec.2012, 12:50 AM
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I think, road accident statistics might be inaccurate and biased. and how can anyone address the problems in defining and comparing levels of severity.

I, think, the true number of people injured in road accidents is unknown anywhere, but it is known that it might be considerable and higher than the officially recorded number. If any one dis-agrees. And how can be done the statistics correctly with variables such as

1. Distributed between groups of the population in particular with respect to social status
2. Correlation the peoples migration?
3. The true number driving literacy rate.
4. Insurance coverage discrepancies?

Official road accident statistics make a distinction between three levels of injury severity:

1. Fatal
2. Serious
3. Slight.

It was corrected in most countries, fatal injuries include all those who die within 30 days of the accident as a result of injuries sustained in the accident. I wander of Serious injury and Slight injury definition of countries?. Safety studies depending on data from only authorities to establish specially, Slight and Serious injuries or crash severity therefore could produce unbeknown results.

Hence, its all probabilities and assumptions. There is definite room for improvement

P.S- I choose not to own the car. smile.gif
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post 13.Dec.2012, 09:26 AM
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Personally I think a ban should be in place, but to be honest I don't think it would make that much of a difference in peoples attitudes. As an example: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/mobile-phone-driv...05.html#5sO3NXk
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post 13.Dec.2012, 01:38 PM
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but to be honest I don't think it would make that much of a difference in peoples attitudes

Agreed, Conclusion we can drawn so far, is that its imperative that people perception needs to be changed as Mr. Yoirkshireman was saying all along. without taking intentional sides.

Take the example of Mayan ritual (Law) in other words , they used to what they call it sacrifice people in order to make higher order happy, sun and so forth. what changed their mind to call it slaughter but not sacrifice. a big PERCEPTION, through word of mouth, because that time. The technology wasn't introduce to put up the Billboard. Never underestimate the power of Advertisements.

Edward Louis Bernays. Freud double nephew went to US and setup the PR Agency. Precisely to empower the suppressed women. He took the idea from her aunt Freud Sister, Annie Freud and French writer Gustave LeBon . Bernays refined and popularized the use of the press release, following its invention by PR man Ivy Lee, who had issued a press release after the 1906 Atlantic City train wreck. One of the most famous campaigns of Bernays was the women's cigarette smoking campaign in 1920s.

Bernays staged the 1929 Easter parade in New York City, showing models holding lit Lucky Strike cigarettes, or "Torches of Freedom". After the historical public event, women started lighting up more than ever before. It was through Bernays that women's smoking habits started to become "SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE".

Same can be done here in this case to changed the peoples perception to think this dangerous act before they took the call or message whilst driving. Thus "WHAT IS OR NOT SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE". rolleyes.gif
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post 13.Dec.2012, 01:44 PM
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I'm impressed... a reference to both the Mayans and Freud in the context of motor safety... laugh.gif
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post 13.Dec.2012, 07:35 PM
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Attached Image

All together now, one, two, three
Keep your mind on your driving
Keep your hands on the wheel,
Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead

We're having fun, sitting in the backseat
Kissing and a hugging with - - -Yorkshireman, Johno, et al.

Happy Christmas - as long as none of you are driving, and phoning, or texting, or signalling, or changing gear, or smoking, or talking, or listening to the radio, or even in the car. Maybe you will last until the New Year - or not as the case may be. But nothing is dangerous - for a Mayan.
Just for afters:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-22...hing-phone.html
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