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post 4.Nov.2006, 06:54 AM
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I am intend to study in sweden 2007 semester Autunm
Unfortunately sad.gif I got the untimately IELTS 5.5(over band)
so I heard the BTH offer a bachelor programme-"Literature, Culture and Digital Media " given in English only needs minmum of 5 biggrin.gif
Is that good for career ?
In addition there is another bachelor programme given in English by IT university Goteburg ( established by GU & CTH)-"Software Engineering and Management "

which one is better at reputation or a good resource?

:shock: Is the IT university accredit by government?

sincerely thank you
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post 5.Nov.2006, 12:31 PM
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Hi there - I have done a bit of research for you and have found out the following. What I'm not sure is what your objective is here:
Are you looking for an IT or a humanities course?
Are you looking to pursue a career in Sweden or overseas?

Software Engineering and Management at the IT university:
There is not too much information about the IT University as it is very new -only 5 years old - it is also a very small college with only 1500 students according to the website the first cohort only began in 2005 - so none of them have yet completed their degrees. On their website it says that the exam is awarded by Gothenburg University - since the course admissions are administered by the government agency responsible for university and college admissions I would assume that this is an acredited course.

What is noticeable from the admissions agency website is that this course has really LOW admissions grades - it appears that this course has accepted students that have failed several of their high school/A-level/IB courses!

In Sweden your high school courses are translated by VHS into points - there are 3 pass grades in Sweded:
MVG Mycket välgodkänd (grade A) = Distiction = 20points
VG Välgödkänd (grade cool.gif = merit = 15 points
G/Godkänd (grade c) - Pass = 10p

According to the VHS website the lowest average grade point accepted for this course was 8.85 out of a max of 20 and the lowest grade accepted from the University entrance exam was 0.1 out of 2.0 - this is the lowest grade that it is poibble to get - it means that you got less than 5% on the test!!!

In contrast the Swedish programme in systems and IT at Gothenburg itself has much higher entry points - 12.6 for school grades - so a B/C average

BTH- Literature, Culture and Digital Media
This is a tough one as Blekinge is best known for its technical courses - many of which are below degree level - I'm not really sure that studing humanities at Blekinge would be prestigous.
The admission statistics are a little better for this course. The school grade average was 11.28points which means it accepts some students with mostly C grades.

So you need to ask what you want to get out of the course? One option might be to sit the English test again to get a higher grade as this would open up the opportunity to study at more prestigious institutions.

I hope this is helpful - but perhaps there is someone with more knowledge about these colleges.
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post 8.Nov.2006, 10:36 AM
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acturely I am a university level in china but I intend to study in sweden (only by a English given programmes)
but there are few .Considering the IELTS only got 5.5 points ,I have get untimately choice there which I list up, the fact is that I want to know which of the subject is better to get a job in sweden or Europe ? :roll:
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