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The Local _ Norrland _ Taking Swedish driving license in Umea

Posted by: anuranga 15.Jul.2010, 10:44 PM

I want to get my Swedish driving license ASAP and found that all testing places in Stockholm are fully booked until late next month.
Then I saw that in Umea there are so much vacant places. With the weather being so good a trip up north to do the test is a tempting idea.
Yet I was just wondering whether the examiners in Umea will talk to me in English ( I know for certain that they do here in Stockholm).

Can someone please advise me on this

Posted by: roch 16.Jul.2010, 06:28 AM

The reason might be is that the driving schools are all closed over July here...maybe that is why the testing at the (I can never remember the name of it) drops off during this time. Also most people up here are on holiday and have gone to their summer houses. UmeƄ is quiet at the moment :-)

I don't know about the English thing, but as we are a University town I would hazard a guess that they possibly would. Give the testing place a call definitely and ask!

Good luck :-)

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