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A warning for those seeking work

TSG Biomiljö AB

post 7.Sep.2009, 09:48 PM
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Been actively searching for work the past few months and finally thought I had made a breakthrough.

Got a phone call from this Company about their "representant" job offer and went off to my interview full ofhope. The job advert had said it was a sales job with a guaranteed loan and bonus system, flexible hours and other normal everyday jobb speak.

First interview went ok - chit chat and filling in a questionnair type thing with one of those daft "pick the word most suited to you out of these 5" type of questions. Must have passed that as got a call back for the second interview last Friday.

Here they did a total view and show of their products, which were very good I have to say, and then it was time to talk money, employment terms etc.

The "garanteed" salary was not in fact anything of the sort. It turned out that you ONLY got this "garanteed" salary if you managed to make four sales to four different people during a showing/visning of the products and the person who booked you was not to be included in these four.
Straight away there was a catch to getting your money.

Then they talked about a "deposit" (deposition) for the case you use to carry the products in to show the customers, plus the base kit of products you have to try and sell. This was not mentioned in the job advert however.

This deposit was SEK 1700 and refundable in full they said because it was only taken to ensure that you didnt just walk off with the case and the products. However, what they then went onto say was that you had to meet certain "krav" (demands), targets to reach before you got your money back.

If you managed to book and carry out 9 showings over 3 weeks and earn SEK 18000 in sales then you got your money back in full.
If it took you four weeks to do the same you got half of it back?!?

If, however you took 10 showings in 3 weeks earning same amount you got half the money back and some products free.
If you took 10 showings in 4 weeks you didnt get any money back but 650 SEK in products.

Lastly, if you decided after starting that the job wasn't right for you, you then had to pay the Company for the products you ALREADY PAID FOR with your deposit, at customer prices, because they could not be used by anyone else after being used during the visnings.


Is it just me or is this a "pyramid sales scam"??

I also noticed a little by-line at the end of the customer order form that said "customers have a 14 day right to cancel orders". That in effect would mean that should someone manage to make the 18,000 kronor in the 3 weeks specified BUT had a customer cancel at the last minute they would then not get their deposit back.

I also read it that you pay 1700 kronor for both CASE AND PRODUCTS and then pay again for the products if you decide to leave!

I luckily checked on line and found blogg entries about this Company which discussed exactly my findings. One girl had even gone to Arbetsförmedlingen to complain and ask for an investigation about the Company.

I just wanted therefore to warn anyone who has seen this Company's job announcements NOT TO TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGEPOLE.

An obvious dodgy scheme, that seems to be getting a green light via Arbförm.

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Caribbean guy/Swedish Gal
post 7.Sep.2009, 09:53 PM
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and the name of the said Company if i may ?
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post 7.Sep.2009, 10:03 PM
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TSG Biomiljö AB
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Carhartt Ronsadt
post 7.Sep.2009, 10:15 PM
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age old scam- seen it here in the States as well
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post 7.Sep.2009, 10:25 PM
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Just amazed how they manage to get away with it going thru Arbetsförmedlingen, considering how into everything and everyones business State-run agencies are here, I would have thought they would have done some investigating and stopped them from seeking staff via the ams site.

It always amazes me that they get people to fall for this kind of stuff. The other woman at that second interview (5 didn't show, which set bells ringing I have to say) was actually considering it when I left - hope she didn't go ahead.
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post 7.Sep.2009, 10:31 PM
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Report them.
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post 8.Sep.2009, 07:46 AM
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Report them to Arbetsförmedlingen if they are advertising there

There are quite a few blog discussions in Swedish about this firm - all give the same result - that this a pyramid scheme that preys on the unemployed - you are meant to in turn employ your own consultants to sell for you ...

These schemes are popping up all over the place as people try to scam the desperate unemployed - my brother went to an "interview" with IT recruitment consultants in the UK who were running a scam - they "guarenteed" work - but only of you bought some very expensive "courses" from them...
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post 12.Sep.2009, 07:35 AM
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Update on this if anyone is interested.

Contacted Arbetsförmedlingen day after posting here and laid out what I put here in terms of what the Company are doing.

They sent a letter back via email saying that the Company was under investigation - AGAIN - for complaints from job seekers.

Obviously not the first time they have tried this then (which I pretty much figured). The woman from AF also said that they do do quite stringent checks on the Company wishing to advertise on ams but couldn't guarantee what sort of lönespecificationer etc. the Company was going to offer.

Fair enough but you would think that they would have some way of recording Companies who have been investigated so that they are flagged when attempting to put up job ads that prey on the unemployed.

When you think about the demands jobhunters need to meet - actively search for work, go on praktiks and work placements to get aktivitetsgarantier etc. the least Af could do is to ensure the authenticity of those Companies using their system.

Anyhow, at least they are looking into the matter which may stop the Company from finding takers to their scam.
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