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Mortgage loan advise!

taking a loan while on maternity leave?

post 27.Jun.2017, 04:52 PM
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Hi there,

OK so here is the situation...

I moved to here from Scotland with my Swedish partner last year after I became pregnant with my son. (now 3 months old).

Since I am new here, I have never had a job in Sweden, and currently my sole income is my maternity leave through Försäkringskassan at their minimum rate.

Back home I was self employed and was planning to set up my company here when my son is a little older. That said, my sambo is full time employed and owns his apartment where we now live.

We have recently tried applying for a mortgage to buy a house, and we were surprised to find out that swedish banks don't take in maternity leave as an income since it is not permanent (?!) which resulted in me being considered with no income and therefore cannot borrow enough to buy the house...What made matters more interesting, we were told that I have to have my company running here for at least a year before they can consider my self employed income as stable.

Was anyone in this situation and is there any way around this? We tried speaking with swedbank and länsförsäkringar. Someone at the latter told us that I could register as unemployed and this might help.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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post 28.Jun.2017, 07:55 PM
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QUOTE (N38 @ 27.Jun.2017, 04:52 PM) *
Someone at the latter told us that I could register as unemployed and this might help.

In Sweden when you register with Arbetsförmedlingen and seek a-kassa or other unemployment benefit you can only do that if you are actively seeking work, available for work and need to inform them of the hours you are available. You cannot at the same time be on-parent-leave & unemployed, you can however split time between the 2. You must always be doing something pensioned, sick, parent-leave, study, working, seeking-work ... but at the same moment in time not more than 1 at once.

Easier example to understand, if you are unemployed seeking work, then get sick, you need to inform the unemployment office you are sick, inform försäkringskassan you are sick, and for that moment you receive sickpay not unemployment/benefit.

Once you are on parent leave you will find that daycare times can be reduced, and at the same time Arbetsförmedlingen will question if you are truely available for work since you have a baby at home! Sometimes they will be a bit sneaky and ask indirectly, since you cannot be both caring for a child at home AND seeking work ...even though in reality we all know and have done that!

Registering as unemployed can cause more harm than good, and your entitlement will not help with a mortgage unless you have managed to carry across unemployment insurance from another EU Member State...if you left a gap then good chance it is now void anyway. If you are not entitled to a-kassa then possibly for job-seeking-program-support, but then they will want to send you to job coaching, on a course or onto a work placement ...which means you obviously cannot be caring for a child at home! Since you cannot refuse if yo uwant to continue to receive the benefit.
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