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Partner Visa / Sambo

My experience from application to approval

post 14.Dec.2012, 09:29 AM
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As others on this forum helped me when I had questions about visas when I was first looking at moving to Sweden last year, I thought I would do the same and hopefully it will help someone else.

I'm an Aussie, and my partner is Swedish and we have been together for about 2 years. We lived together in Australia for about a year before she had to move back to Sweden. We continued our relationship and I travelled to Sweden twice during the following 9 months apart.

The Application
I filled in my application online, which was about 10 pages, it had very standard questions about my family, her family, our relationship, who I was and what I did, etc. To be honest I wrote a lot, it took about 2 days to complete it. We could only include 3 photos, and 3 'other' supporting documents with the application, that obviously doesn't include all the proof of identity which we also had to provide.
Once I completed mine and hit the submit button, I received an automated email saying that my partner would receive an application (it was identical to the questions I was asked) by email and she will need to fill it out and submit it, once that was done the application would be officially submitted.

About 2 days after my partner submitted her questionnaire, I received an email requesting me to contact the Swedish embassy in my country, which of course was Canberra, for an interview,. I contacted them and booked in an interview for the following day, which I could take at the Swedish consulate in my city.

Apparently there are 2 different types of interviews, a basic 5 question interview, or an extensive 10 page questionnaire/interview. For some reason I had the extensive interview, and again it was fairly reasonable questions about me, and tested my knowledge of my partner and her family. It took about an hour.

About 2 weeks later I received an email advising that a decision was made and to again contact the Swedish embassy in Canberra for the decision. I contacted the embassy and they emailed me the decision which was, APPROVED.

All up the process took 3 weeks from the day we submitted the application to the day I got the approval email, and I am now happily living in Sweden. I was extremely impressed with the efficiency of the application process. I have seen a lot of complaints from people in these forums about the delay and process of the visa applications, but I just wanted to show not everyone experiences these problems.
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post 14.Dec.2012, 10:07 AM
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One will almost always only hear the nightmare stories about how bad it is to live, work, visit or apply a visa to Sweden. The reason is simple; it`s a loud minority that feels hurt and is motivated by this to make their story heard. There is nothing wrong with that and I don`t doubt that those stories are true. What people might forget is that the majority that have great experiences don`t feel the same need to tell their story. They are busy living their great lives. That means that one might get a twisted view of how things are. I thank you for not only giving an insight on how the process works, which will help others, but also for showing people a positive experience.
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post 14.Dec.2012, 11:10 AM
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@aussie welcome in sweden.
U lucky that u got positive experience from MV. Hope u will have more positive experience with Language, Jobs, Apartment, Driving license and some other matters.It is just the starting for u in sweden. Again i hope u will stay put with ur positiveness.

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post 14.Dec.2012, 01:45 PM
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hej aussi , congrats for your positive experience , unfortunatly mine is and will be very bad (at least we will wait 6 months for a decision ) again if you allow me to compare 3 weeks to 6 months , i don't know if i should take it as a joke and smile about it , or as a depressing experience , at least , telling people about it makes one less sad.

well i wish you good luck with this new start.
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post 14.Dec.2012, 01:59 PM
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I am going to apply for sambo visa this coming January 2013 and I am quite happy seeing positive experience(s). Most of the experience(s) that I've read are pretty negative and it's kinda sad. Anyway, I hope that I will have a good experience too. By the way, welcome to Sweden and I wish you all the best! :-)
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