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Sweden reduces new home construction

post 18.Aug.2007, 06:37 PM
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We see lots of new housing going up all over. Maybe it is just that the work is done in visible places. Regardless I would like to see more home construction. I do not like the sound of a reduction like this.

Here in Sweden it does not sound like a lot of apartments are being warehoused like in other countries.

During the first and second quarters of 2007, construction of 12 300 dwellings was started in new buildings. This is a decrease of 29 percent compared to 2006, when construction of 17 327 dwellings was started. The low figures are mostly due to the ending of government subsidies as from 2007-01-01.

The distribution of dwellings during the period is:

2007: 6 900 dwellings in one- or two-dwelling buildings and 5 400 in multi-dwelling buildings

2006: 6 749 dwellings in one- or two-dwelling buildings and 10 578 in multi-dwelling buildings

The figures for 2007 are corrected by 23 percent which is the average delay in reports for the last years.

Almost all government subsidies for construction ended on 2007-01-01. This meant that a large amount of construction was started at the end of 2006, affecting the number of dwellings started in 2007.
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post 18.Aug.2007, 09:04 PM
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Great!, as if the property in this country is not already messed p,regarding affordability and inflation in prices.
Now they are setting up for a total mess in 10 years time.

very cynical, trying to keep the price inflation in housing on an upward trend by reducing the number available.
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post 18.Nov.2019, 04:38 AM
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I think it happened because the marriage rate is decreasing and it affects the birth rate so that no more homes are needed. What do you think about that?
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