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The Local _ Language _ Websites for learning Swedish online

Posted by: LizB 6.Mar.2007, 12:21 PM

Hey all, just a quick shot in the dark...

Are there any Swedish language teachers (or someone who is up for the challenge) of teaching Swedish to me, online via webcams and Skype?

I'd want once a week at least if possible, in the evenings. I'd gladly help you out with English also but I dare say if you think you can teach me Swedish you don't need too much of my help.

*looks hopeful*

Posted by: Webby 6.Mar.2007, 02:48 PM


Posted by: Alfredo 6.Mar.2007, 02:55 PM

Tack för det, Webby.

That site looks like it's got a lot of good stuff on it.

Now, you're ready to start, Liz.

Let's go!

Posted by: Nomark 6.Mar.2007, 02:57 PM

Hej Alfredo.. . If you click on "Svenska ord", towards the bottom of the left-hand column then you get the definition of most Swedish words and you can listen to the pronunciation. I have no idea why they don't give you that as a matter of course when getting the English translation - they do if you use the Swedish-Albanian option.

Posted by: Alfredo 6.Mar.2007, 03:35 PM

Yeah, that's excellent, Nomark, go straight to the Albanian:

Type in a word and hit Översätt! (translate)

By the way, everyone else who's learning, if you type in a word like 'frukt', you will get a link to a bildtema, which shows you pictures of related items, with the Swedish words next to them. Together with whether it's 'en' eller 'ett'.

Det var inte så dumt!

Posted by: Nomark 6.Mar.2007, 03:51 PM

Sorry for jumping in.. If you're learning from scratch I suggest you follow a course book.

Best of luck!

Posted by: VikingHumpingWitch 6.Mar.2007, 04:17 PM

Kids TV shows? I can't recommend any but I'm sure someone can, and you can order them online or something. Subtitles will be super useful. Watching things in English with Swedish subtitles is also extremely helpful.

Posted by: Puffin 6.Mar.2007, 04:23 PM

This is an online course based around SFI - it says that it's free - all you have to do is register

There are some CD course that might be interesting available here:

Hope that these are of some help.

Posted by: LizB 6.Mar.2007, 05:26 PM

Spot on what I was looking for! Next best thing after a real person to get me really going. It's a sham the intructions and tooltips are in Swedish though, or the option to show the english... unless I'm missing something?

Posted by: Guest 6.Mar.2007, 06:55 PM

Hey Lizb
when i began learning swedish almost 3 years ago i bought myself a swedish to english dictionary first and as i got better i bought a swedish to swedish dictionary and now im thinking about getting a good synonym word book to help with expanding my word knowledge... but right now i use this site / for looking for synonyms and i would recommend the norstedts verion of swedish dictionaríes as if you check them out you will find they also cover in depth on phrases and verbs which was one of the hardest thing for me to learn especially the irregular verbs.
Defintely don't give up and it will get easier as everyone here can tell you

Posted by: Webby 7.Mar.2007, 02:05 PM

This is actually advertised on TL, and maybe of use to a beginner.

Posted by: johannan02 29.Apr.2009, 04:00 PM

Do you want to learn Swedish? Now you can learn Swedish online with a qualified and experienced Swedish tutor. Have a look at or send an email to [email protected]

Posted by: rosven 29.Apr.2009, 04:18 PM

Johannan02. Just sent you a email.

Posted by: Mib 16.Mar.2019, 12:06 AM

For on the go learning, Duolingo & Memrise are two good apps.

Posted by: Guest 9.Apr.2019, 07:19 PM

Well discord for anyone who wanna practis swedish! just start up a server

Posted by: Guest 14.Dec.2019, 12:16 AM

Yeah,Duolingo is great for when you need an starting vocabulary.Once you have completed their course,I reccomend the Swedish Institute course,which is still for beginners but a little more advanced since it also goes more in depth of the grammar and pronunciation of the language.

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