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Sound Designer / Audio Engineer looking for work

Moving over from London in a month or so

post 26.Apr.2018, 12:27 AM
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Hey all,

Was hoping for assistance if possible.

My gf has recently moved to Stockholm for work which has resulted in us trying to do the long distance thing.

Looks like she's going to be staying put fairly long term so that leaves me in a position of trying to secure work in Stockholm.

She's lucky in that she's started at a big company whose first language is English. I'm aware that the task for me will be a lot harder (although I am 3 months into learning and am picking it up pretty quickly).

I was wondering if anyone could help me get a footing in, or at least some advice as to how to try and enter the industry in Stockholm?

If anyone is interested I have a sound design showreel you can see here:

My whole portfolio is up here:

I'm under no illusions that it's not going to be hard so any pointers would be much appreciated.

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post 28.Apr.2018, 01:54 PM
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Well what you have in your favour is that most companies in the media field will have employees for whom English will not present difficulties, even if they don't have an English language policy in the way your gf's company do. Don't entertain any illusions that it's going to take you less than 3 years to be comfortable using Swedish in a work context, and it could easily be 5, so really English is gonna be the thing for the near future.

Second, although you may have been used to working freelance, it's possibly better to consider marketing yourself for a staff position to larger companies, even if that means compromising a bit on your usual day rate, as what you'll need most of all is some (relative) job security and finding work a few days at a time from lots of different directions is that much more difficult in a foreign country than it will have been at home in the U.K.

Last I'd say try to work your current contacts and find out who they know in Stockholm. That might mean going back to manufacturers in your industry and finding the uk sales rep,establishing some credibility with them (if you don't already know them) then asking for an introduction to their peer who covers Scandinavia and in turn asking that person for names of their biggest customers in Stockholm. It's all legwork and you might not feel comfortable being so pushy but it will pay you in the long term.

Good luck.
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