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Habitual Residence before Citizenship

How to count time-abroad?

post 17.Oct.2019, 02:09 PM
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I was wondering how to deduct time-abroad from the period of habitual residence so as to fulfill the 5 yrs eligibility requirement for applying for Swedish citizenship. Would appreciate if someone knows about the following from experience.

The 6 weeks per year that we are allowed time-abroad:
1. Should I also include work related trips as time abroad in that 6 week period? I was sent abroad by my employer for 6 days and that is visible in my passport stamps, though I am not sure how to prove it was work related and not semester.

2. What to do about any European trips during the year for which there are no stamps in passport and I don't even remember most of them accurately over the last 5 years? (Never been out of Sweden for more than 3-4 days at a time on such trips).

And finally, can one submit the citizenship application a few days or weeks before the entire period of habitual residence is fulfilled (5 yrs + whatever period was missed in some years due to 6 week restriction) considering that it is taking many many months and years to get the decision? (For instance, when we apply for work permit extensions, we are allowed to file it a month in advance.)

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