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My ex won't let me travel with my son!

She is free to travel but I'm not?!

post 14.May.2013, 03:32 PM
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Well finally some good news, I heard back from Socialförvaltningen here and I do have shared custody over my son. They also told me since there is no legal contract between us I am free to travel with my son as I see fit. She also can not withhold the passports from me, that if she insist I can file a police complaint. And although I can fly with out her consent it is always in the child's best interest to always have the consent of both parents. So hopefully now I will be able to reason with her:).
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post 14.May.2013, 04:28 PM
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Good luck. You sound like a reasonable chap.
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post 16.Jul.2013, 05:16 PM
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What Swedes say and what Swedes do are not the same. My ex regularly travels outside of Sweden with my daughter, whom I've not seen but a handful of times in the last three years, even though I have shared custody, without a passport and without my knowledge or permission. Social Services is a joke. The court system is worthless. The police don't care. I've been terrorized by my ex for 5 years, relentlessly, with no help from authorities. In fact, they are helping her take my other children. Wonderful country, Sweden. For Swedish women.

A word of caution to all men. Don't have children in Sweden if you value your fatherhood and want the right to parent your children. You will have neither in Sweden.

QUOTE (Yorkshireman @ 13.May.2013, 09:00 PM) *
Here You go, pass this to your lawyer and maybe try and get some of the cash back ...It is a publication from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs:http://www.regeringen.s ... (show full quote)

QUOTE (Nico2819 @ 14.May.2013, 08:25 AM) *
Thank you everyone for your advice. I really wish this won't have to go to court but it has become impossible to even try and talk to her let alone reason with her. The sa ... (show full quote)
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post 17.Jul.2013, 08:28 AM
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I would just like to say how refreshing it is to read a post where people are willing to offer intelligent and constructive advice. All too often there is so much bitching and nasty posts on this forum of late but reading this post with the replies was like a breath of fresh air.
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post 17.Jul.2013, 09:28 AM
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As things going forward, especially if she is travelling to the States, draw up a letter, saying that you give her permission to leave and come back for her travelling. Then have it notarized. Which will prevent you from yanking the rug out under her travel plans (not that it sounds like you are the unreasonable one). It will help keep things honest. If you do it for her, when you ask her to do it for your travel plans, she might do the same thing, which will allow you to relax at border check points and not worry about her messing with you.

In the States, single parents with a kid in tow (especially when the last names don't match), are technically supposed to be asked by airline personnel at check in internationally for a notarized permission slip from the other parent. They rarely do it, but that is the rule. So, you will be doing this for "her benefit." It might benefit you on the flip side.

Just a thought. Good luck!
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post 13.Nov.2013, 01:14 PM
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Hi there,

I, unfortunately in the same situation and reading this I feel your frustration
I am a UK resident and have a 3 year old son who lives with his mother in Sweden.
When our son was born we were living together in the UK but we split 18 months after and she moved back to her homeland. I have been visiting more or less on a monthly basis to spend weekends with my son and I have tried and keep trying to travel to the UK with my son so he can spend time with his english family. However, she is in complete control of the situation and won't allow him to travel with me, even if it was for a weekend. I have trouble when im over there to... He is not allowed to stay with me overnight and I have to stick by her rules otherwise she will explode in anger.
We were not married when he was born so I guess my rights are limited but surely I have some say in his upbringing?
Is there any advice out there for a desperate father who only wants to see his son and spend time with him other than in a restricted environment?

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*J Meyers*
post 1.Aug.2014, 02:15 PM
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Hey Man,

Sorry to hear about all this. Unfortunately I am going through almost the exact same situation with my (almost) ex wife and our 2 year old son. Basically to a T. I have lived in Stockholm for a little over a year, and we (Swedish ex) seperated almost 6 months ago. I should probably mention that we were married when he was born, and that it was in the states so he is a dual citizen (SE/US). I was searching for information on this subject when I found this post, and would like to hear how your situation turned out (well I hope) if you dont mind sharing, and also if you have any suggestions or helpful tips on how to proceed. Our divorce hearing will be on the first of September. In the meantime, things have deteriorated so much that although tonight is my night to take him, she has told me that she will not be dropping him off to me. I understand from my lawyer that there is no real legal recourse since nothing is on paper yet, and find myself in a super frustrating position. Anything would help.

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post 2.Aug.2014, 06:11 PM
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QUOTE (lensart @ 16.Jul.2013, 04:16 PM) *
- - -. A word of caution to all men. Don't have children in Sweden if you value your fatherhood and want the right to parent your children. You will have neither in Sweden.

Yes, you can. I did.
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