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Moving and working in Norrland

Can you advice?

post 3.Feb.2012, 10:12 AM
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Can you help with some hints about the life in Norrland?

I have visited the place as a tourist, but now I plan to move and work there. I was wondering if it was a good place for raising children and if working there ( as a dentist ) would be better, compared to other parts of Sweden?

Or shall I focus on other areas in Sweden?

Thanks very much.
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post 3.Feb.2012, 10:18 AM
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Why are you specifically interested in Norrland?

Here are some facts about life in the region:

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post 3.Feb.2012, 10:41 AM
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Okay, I'm from Sweden. Used to live in Luleå (Now i live in Cornwall), I love Sweden and I love norrland.
It been the best place to grow up I can ever imagine. Schools are good, meals are free (not rly, we have a lot of tax), people are the most amazing genuine kind. And what I liked most of all (grown up in a little village) you have a lot of freedom as a kid as most places are so quiet and there is no need to be home before dark and all that.
And yeah, another big thing its not to expensive to study! infact UNI is free as long as you don't take a student loan.
Im 21 now, and I must say UK is pretty thats for sure. But when it comes to quality, choises and standard of living Sweden is winning all the time.

I think there should be no problem getting work as a dentist, for some reason we always seem to need them.
Good thing is to study swedish too, we got a lot of evening or weekend courses so that should be no problem.
As you been there I guess you know that most people talk pretty good english. Even so, it is still much easier to
get along talking swedish.

Im trying to convince my other half that we should move back to Sweden, as he from the UK its not the easies.
But my pick is Sweden any day.

Best of luck!
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post 3.Feb.2012, 10:53 AM
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Norrland is like half of Sweden's land area. Might want to narrow your search down a little if you want some advice which is going to be of use to you.
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post 3.Feb.2012, 11:10 AM
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QUOTE (zynna @ 3.Feb.2012, 10:41 AM) *
infact UNI is free as long as you don't take a student loan.

Not true any more, sadly, unless the OP is from the EU.
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post 3.Feb.2012, 01:42 PM
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the Northern 'half' of Sweden is beautiful. I would look at settling in/near the large towns or cities. Umeå and Luleå are great places with a good expat community too due to the universities. Umeå gets my vote!
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post 2.Mar.2012, 05:57 PM
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Location: Västernorrland
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Hello Dimi73,

I just read your post here.
I'm working together with some municipalities in Norrland. We help people from other counties for free who like to move to Sweden with all type of things. We have the connections you need, but you make your own decisions ofcourse.

Please contact me on so I can tell you more.

Kind Regards,
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