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America's Warfare State Never Forgets Its Errors

Now It's Joe Hyde, Jr. & the JFK Assassination

*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 17.Feb.2010, 10:23 AM
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During the days leading up to the Dallas assassination, I have long contended that the National Reconnaissance Office faked the shooting down of Captain Joe Glenn Hyde's U-2 and his death at Cuba's expense in order to help trigger an invasion of the island - what was botched by the shooting of Texas Governor John Connallly in the process.

For more on my claims, see these links:

Now that Joe Hyde Jr.'s wife, Marianne Gerdes Hyde, has finally died, their son, Joe Hyde, III has taken the greatest exception to my claims, denying them completely, and calling me all kinds of names - what he added to my latest article on about Obama's intelligence problems.

Joe III was obviously incensed by my calling Porter Goss, the CIA agent monitoring the Florida straits when the U-2 crashed, a political hack, and my claiming his father was apparently not killed. He also felt relieved that his mother had died in Houston on December 12, 2009 so that he could now make a fuss about it without upsetting his parents.

The only thing that he overlooked was the obit about her death, and in it her re-marriage to a mysterious Mr. Smith. He must be Joe Hyde, Jr. with a new identity - what no one wants to talk about. For more about the Smiths, see her homepage - Marianne Geddes Smith - as it has now become unavailable on google after I showed considerable interest in it with the editor of, Edward Chanter.

If Joe Hyde, III still doesn't like it, he can always sue me! cool.gif

Surprise, now the links to my stories don't even work, but they can be found in the archives of on those dates. And the West is a free society! rolleyes.gif
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 17.Feb.2010, 12:09 PM
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Now the Marianne Geddes Smith - Homepage has been taken down.

So much for full disclosure about what really happened to her husband, Captain Joe Glenn Hyde, Jr., during the Florida straits fiasco - what was prepared to trigger blaming Castro for the JFK assassination, and an invasion to end his Cuban Revolution.

He's apparently one of the Mr. Smiths walking around Houston, but I don't have the time or inclination to find out exactly which one.

The lesson to be learned here is not to open your mouth about something covert and most troublesome when you have nothing more to gain than just letting off steam. laugh.gif
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post 17.Feb.2010, 12:19 PM
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It's pretty common for family members to take down home pages of the deceased. The removal of the homepage doesn't raise any suspicions for me at all.
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 17.Feb.2010, 12:40 PM
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It sure does raise suspicions with me as it only contained her obituary, and it was taken down within an hour of my making a fuss about it.

But its departure really changes nothing since Mrs. Joe Glenn Hyde, Jr. remarried a guy named Smith -apparently her first husband - who, along with Joe Hyde III, is most unwilling to say anything more about it.

The Hydes, in sum, did relocate in Texas after his alleged death in the U-2 crash on November 20, 1963, and took up an identity of being Smiths.

Makes the Pentagon look like a criminal conspiracy, requiring new identities. laugh.gif
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post 17.Feb.2010, 02:46 PM
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Funny. Who owns and benefits from the American Military Industrial Complex? Oh yeah, the same people that keep the Europeans serfs. European Banking Cartels. It's a great concept, get the Americans to pay for your defense and then pretend to be above it all.

Without the American military doing Euro banker bidding, the welfare state would have collapsed decades ago.
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 18.Feb.2010, 08:00 AM
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For posters who have any interest in the CIA-led conspiracy assassination of JFK, here are the links again to my articles about Captain Joe Hyde, Jr.'s, Porter Goss's and others involvement in it:

Hope they work this time, but if not, look for them in the archves for those dates.

Notice that the obituary on his wife, Marianne Gerdes Smith has reappeared, and can be found at this link:

Notice particularly the scant mention of her second marriage to someone called Smith apparently aka Captain Joe Hyde, Jr. Certainly isn't very appreciative of all his interest in her activities. Will check it out when I next visit Houston, especially who Mr. Smith is, and his involvement in the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church at 12535 Perthshire Road, Houston - the operational home of the National Reconnaisance Office.

P. s. As expected, there is again internet censorship regarding the articles, but you can find them I suspect if you just type in the URLs on your computer. No, that doesn't even work, but look for the Marianne Gerdes Smith - Homepage on - it might still be there if you try. And the West complains about China! rolleyes.gif
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 18.Feb.2010, 10:02 AM
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Did find out that Mrs. Hyde's second husband is called Horace Smith - sounds exactly like a stand-in for her allegedly deceased first husand, Captain Joe Glenn Hyde, Jr., from how they apparently met until how they ended up when she died from cancer last December.

Got me looking at my file of Captain Hyde's alleged death on November 20, 1963 - mostly stories about him from the LaGrange (Ga.) Daily News.

The oddest one is the alleged deceased receiving the Distinquished Flying Cross at Greenville AFB in early May 1964. It was given for "heroism while participating in aerial flights on Jan 19." This was early in 1963, not the most dangerous flight he was allegedly killed on. Then he was given his Fifth Oak Leaf Cluster for flights during 1963 which made no mention of the one he, it seems, made which allegedly killed.

The best part of the story is the photograph of Mrs. Hyde, holding little Joe III, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hyde, Sr., standing beside them, all smiling as if it were the greatest moment of their life - celebrating events which had nothing to do with the U-2 pilot's alleged death on a most dangerous mission over Cuba.

The whole thing seems to be a serious fraud. The reason why seems obvious. It's like the November 20th flight, and the crash now never happened.
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post 18.Feb.2010, 03:45 PM
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Have you Kennedy conspiracy nuts no decency? Shame on you, seriously, for even suggesting that Joe Glenn Hyde Jr is alive, 'living under an assumed name.' How cruel of you, since his family has lived all these years with the terrible pain of his loss. His wife was five months pregnant when he was killed, and his son, Joe Glenn Hyde, III, grew up never meeting his father. Glenn Hyde was a real HERO, selflessly giving his life to protect your freedom to slander his good name and the name of his son, who also served his country as a B-52 pilot in the current middle east conflict. The citations Capt Hyde Jr received were correct and proper for his service. This brave and wonderful family deserve better than you and the malicious lies your kind continue to perpetrate, especially in the name of the so-called Kennedy conspiracy. I would normally wish for God to have mercy on you, but in this have crossed a line that prevents me from interceding for your eternal soul. May you burn in hell for what you wrote.
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 18.Feb.2010, 05:27 PM
Post #9

You have now come on here to spread your raving lunacy about me - what you apparently did on, and I answered there and have been answering here.

For years, I have written but without any answers that the downing of Captain Joe Hyde, Jr.'s U-2 on November 20, 1963 over Cuba was the resumption of the Cuban Missile Crisis after a 13-month hiatus because of the Kennedys' growing opposition to the anti-Castro rebels - what was attriculated in The Dallas Morning News on October 20th by Robert Baskin who added that Richard Nixon and Dallas Representative Bruce Alger had been receiving threatening postcards from someone who sounded like Lee Harvey Oswald.

JFK was then in a countdown to change his ways or be assassinated - a test he failed just before he left for Texas by failing to heed Richard Helms' and Herschel Peak's warnings that Castro was on the move in the Carribean area, having just taken one step back in the Cuban Missile Crisis in order to take two steps forward now, and if action was not immediately taken in response, there would be Hell to pay.

Anyone who reads The LaGrange Daily News, starting on November 21th, can see that a great deception operation was afoot to make it look like Castro had shot it down, and the US Navy and Coast were rushing to see what happened to the plane and to the Captain. When it was learned, though, that Governor Connally had been wounded in the assassination of the President, deliberately or accidentally, and he promised to get those who had apparently double-crossed him, the whole plot had to be scrubbed.

The plane which was so clearly seen on the bottom of the Florida Straits soon was reduced in just a few days to just a bit of floating debris, and the pilot who was expected to be found, at worst dead, was never seen again.

What really happened to him is still a mystery to me - whether he was never in the plane, escaped the crash alive or died immediately, etc. - but I shall continue my research until it is answered, especially given the complete deceptions that the Pentagon has engaged in throughout, especially after he allegedly died, as I have recounted earlier. In any case, the incident was an integral part of the conspiracy which assassinated the President.

All I can add is that I am glad that you have not interceded with the powers-that-be about my destiny as I would only want to be as far removed from you as possible for all eternity.
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 19.Feb.2010, 12:17 PM
Post #10

For posters who don't believe my claims about the Hyde U-2 flight ant its connection to the JFK assassination, I suggest that they consult this link prepared by Robert E. Baskin News Staff Writer Ira David Wood III on its eve:

For those not willing to take the trouble, I quote this in particular:

"10:32 AM, Nov. 21,1963 - A high flying U-2 spy plane, piloted by Captain Joe G. Hyde Jr. dsappears from radar and crashes into the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. Navy locates the wreckage in about 100 feet of water and discovers that both the pilot and the ejector seat are gone."

Why the chronology was not completed, and we see no more about what happened to the pilot and spy plane is because the conspiracy did not work out in Dallas as planned.
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 20.Feb.2010, 08:42 AM
Post #11

While I would not normally be pursuing this dispute so vigorously, I am doing so because my integrity has been most belatedly attacked, and I have learned more about the apparent set up of Cuba for an invasion of the island after the JFK assassination had triggered it.

What has most intrigued me is what Joe Glenn Hyde, III has written about his allegedly deceased father.
In this article he has made the following claims which are most deceiving:

1. Implying that his father had received his Distinguished Flying Cross, and a Fifth Oak Leaf Cluster of the Air Medal well before his alleged death when he received them well afterwards at Greenfield AFB in May 1964 - what was apparently done so as to reward him for something which was not acknowledged, his apparent sacrifice in the set up of the President for assassination.

2. His stating that his father broke radio silence to report the failure of the U-2's autopilot - what indicated that he could also report if anything surprising happened during the flight, especially coming from the Cubans, and was mentioned to explain why the plane could not fly if he ejected deliberately.

3. His claiming that the plane only had a tolerance of 5 mph in airspeed or else it would stall or breakup.

4. His stating that it only required the search and rescue people eight minutes to find where the plane had crashed though it had disappeared from radar.

Just more to make me think that it was a covert, false mission to make it look like Castro had resumed the missile crisis.

For the most link:

Now the page has apparently gone missing too! rolleyes.gif
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post 20.Feb.2010, 09:22 AM
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bla bla bla,

the relevance to living in sweden is ???????????????????????
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 20.Feb.2010, 09:30 AM
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Relevance to Sweden?

If the set up Cuba and the USSR as the culprits of the President's assassination had been successful, and an invasion of the island had occurred, there would have been a world war which would have obliterated Sweden.

It was a preview of what would happen to Sweden more directly when Olof Palme's assassination became the trigger in 1986, but the Swedes just refuse to think about what the looneys in Washington engage in on occasion, and are capable of when one least expects it. rolleyes.gif
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 20.Feb.2010, 12:21 PM
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The article about Captain Joe Glenn Hyde, Jr. can be found on the link earlier supplied under the title about the man who gave his life for his country.
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*Trowbridge H. Ford*
post 8.Sep.2010, 10:53 AM
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This is obviously the thread you are talking about.

I continue to believe that Joe Hyde Jr.'s U-2 apparently being shot down by the Cubans two days before the Dallas assassination was an integral part of it which had to be forgotten about when Connally was surprisingly assassinated too.

I think that Joe Hyde Jr. survived, and was given a new identity, apparently re-marrying his wife.

And you are certainly right, as this thread shows, about Joe Hyde III being what you say. What I found most intriguing were all the detailed stories he had about his "deceased" father when he wasn't even born before he allegedly died.

You might find this link helpful:

Feel free to continue the discussion on this thread.
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