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The Local _ Family _ Sweden and fertility treatments

Posted by: stephanie921 8.Oct.2009, 10:14 PM

I was just wondering swedens policy on fertitlity treatments such as invitro and such. Are these include in state healthcare? Do you have to go to private hospitals or clinics if you need such options? Just wondering...

Posted by: Puffin 8.Oct.2009, 10:46 PM

The actual details do vary a little between health authorities - most will pay for fertility treatments including a certain number of IVF attempts - usually 3

There are also usually a range of private options depending on where you are

Posted by: mailmail 1.Jun.2012, 08:11 PM

sambo and i have been trying for a year to get pregnant. Anyone know or recommend where i should go to get help. I am living in linkoping.thanks

Posted by: ATCinSwe 1.Jun.2012, 08:30 PM

My sambo and I just started going to Carl von Linne kliniken in Uppsala. They are supposed to be some of the best in Europe. They have a website with very thorough information and are very easy to get on the phone. Just google it.

Posted by: Yorkshireman 1.Jun.2012, 10:20 PM

QUOTE (stephanie921 @ 8.Oct.2009, 09:14 PM) *
I was just wondering swedens policy on fertitlity treatments such as invitro and such. Are these include in state healthcare? Do you have to go to private hospitals or clinics if you need such options? Just wondering...

Yes it is covered in the General Healthcare, if You use the public services. Most have a rule that the woman must be under 40. You pay up to the amount that is the maximum where you then get the high-cost protection, after that it is free. So expect to pay around 3000 max per year trying. However, depending where You live there can be a long waiting time. eg. Stockholm, I think it is up to 1.5+ years! Which is why there is quite a number of private places that offer treatment, expect to pay there 30.000->50.000 , If I remember correctly Linne in Uppsala actually does a package deal 52.000+ for 3 tries, there are ways to reduce that cost down via your employer by 30-50%, the hospitals can give you the info wink.gif

Good Luck smile.gif

Posted by: Tarc the Mexan 1.Jun.2012, 11:01 PM

I'll knock you up for free, provided that you look decent enough.

Posted by: Yorkshireman 1.Jun.2012, 11:29 PM

Very kind of You ... Fortunately I already have all the kids I need. tongue.gif

Posted by: Tarc the Mexan 2.Jun.2012, 02:11 AM

With children being such little bundles of joy, one can never have too many of them.

Posted by: Yorkshireman 2.Jun.2012, 08:26 AM

You wouldn't be saying that if You had teenage boys? huh.gif

Posted by: Puffin 2.Jun.2012, 09:37 AM

given that the OP was from 2009 - hopefully they are a parent by now

Posted by: Cool Carib 2.Jun.2012, 11:11 AM

my son is 5 years now, had 2 misscarriages here and when i was pregant with him they gave me tablets to abort him. i went to the carribean on vacation instead and stayed for 2 years. he's prefectly normal, all fingers, toes, fun and bright. if you trying to have a baby, get de stressed and the hell away from this place

Posted by: Sunshine73 2.Jun.2012, 11:41 AM

Hi! I can share my experience even if we didnt get pregnant ;( After trying for over 2 years we asked for help. This was in 2008. We called the Womens Clinic in Malmö and started the process. It took 3 years on a wait list. I have underlining medical issues that might have caused the delay but I have a friend who had no issue and it was 3 years for her also.

We had IVF in Oct 2011. We had panned to try again but unfortunately they found a blood clot in my brain in March 2012 so we have cant have a child using IVF ;( The drugs they use can cause blood clots in some people. I knew this going in but its a long story and my case is unusual.

They start with your medical history, then tests and then you get on a list. It all depends of how many people they have waiting and what kind of IVF you need? Egg donor, sperm donor?? Also you have to be a permeant resident of Sweden! So if you dont have a PUT they might turn you away. Every kommum has different rules.

Your welcome to PM me and I can go into more detail.

Best of Luck. This process is heartbreaking but stay strong and POSITIVE!! Its worth the wait.


Posted by: orangetree 3.Jun.2012, 10:19 AM

I have a genetic disease which can cause severe disability by %50 + plus a septate uterus. Swedish docs suggest PGT and IVF. I got treatment in Huddinge. The team was friendly and caring anyhow there had serious mistakes such as throwing my healthy egg into the garbage by mistake. We tried 3 times ivf. It is not an easy process for women. 3rd time I combined with akupunktur. Akupunktur is costly but worths every penny.
Before I try My close friend used just akupunktur for her problems. She didnt have any protection last 7 years and she gave up for a baby but for serious digestion problems she tried akupuntur. Guess what happened? She is much better in digestion now and she got pregnant at 39.
My friend suggested Dr. Yanan Wang Wyn, Akupunkturklinik, Ringvägen 137 nb ph 08-399688,Stockholm
I tried because it was my last chance for IVF and I had a lof of side effects which started to worry my family. I am 36 and my egg production fell half size compare to previous years. Thanks God and It really worked. Now I am 23 w pregnant with PGT-IVF-Akupunktur.
I should remind you that with PGT women has half chance compare to IVF.
I took my 1 year waiting-2,5 years of treatment but i hope things will go fine and i will be a mother soon.
before ivf I seriously suggest more natural methods. With ivf on my both breasts there mutiple particles which need to be checked every 6 months. i even do not want to remember that hormones and emonitional burdens.

Posted by: aino 3.Jun.2012, 06:49 PM

Cool Carib, I swear, somehow every story I read from you on thelocal's threads are horror stories about children. I am starting to wonder which part of Sweden you live in, so I can avoid it.

Us: we waited for year/year and a half in Stockholm, and did stuff at Sofiahemmet (with some tests in Huddinge). Have two healthy kids.

Posted by: MomOnce 13.Dec.2015, 11:26 AM

Does anyone know clinics in Lund or Malmo to do donor insemination or IVF treatment with donor sperm for women over 40? Thank you.

Posted by: Dr.danial 13.Dec.2015, 12:56 PM

QUOTE (stephanie921 @ 8.Oct.2009, 10:14 PM) *
I was just wondering swedens policy on fertitlity treatments such as invitro and such. Are these include in state healthcare? Do you have to go to private hospitals or clinics if you need such options? Just wondering...

We have been through IVF and it was successful.

1. State owned IVF in hospitals have a long waiting list, don't wait for FREE option if you can pay, because each month that you lose, goes negative against successful IVF. But get register with state owned IVF clinics in the hospital and tell them that you can come even at a short notice.

2. Private clinics are quick, and cost be reduced by 30% (from you or your husband's employer), talk with the clinic for more details.

3. Combine acupuncture together with IVF: talk with any acupuncture specialist, they will start acupuncture at least 4-5 weeks before egg transfer. This increases chances of successful IVF, we did and and it worked.

4. Try to reduce total body weight and decrease intake of sugar, caffeine and carbonated water/drinks

Good luck!

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