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The Local _ Swedish news _ Fouled food found at Ikeas in France, Russia

Posted by: The Local 7.Mar.2013, 04:35 PM

Swedish furniture giant Ikea has halted the sale of sausages in Russia and chocolate cakes in France and more than 20 other countries after finding the products contained horsemeat and faecal bacteria respectively.

It emerged on Thursday that cake products sold in the cafeterias of Ikea stores in France had been found to contain intestinal bacteria.

"Up to 6,000 portions may have already been consumed," Marie Taillard of France's National Food Agency in Paris told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Taillard said that the finding has been confirmed by Ikea and that further tests are being carried out.

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Posted by: EtoileBrilliant 7.Mar.2013, 07:11 PM

First a Swedish food company, now IKEA - call it a coincidence if you care?

Posted by: CDRoth 7.Mar.2013, 08:16 PM

Sounds like deliberate sabotage in the supplier's factory.

Posted by: Phillynilly 7.Mar.2013, 09:27 PM

When I go shopping at Ikea I I get so hungry I could eat a horse

Posted by: byke 7.Mar.2013, 10:12 PM

Best headline title of the local ... Ever!

Posted by: rybo1 8.Mar.2013, 06:32 AM

Horse meat I can understand, but s??t cakes are a bit overboard.

Posted by: johnny1939 8.Mar.2013, 11:13 AM

I like horse meat. When I was a child smoked horse meat was common it tastes like smoked reindeer and nobody is bitching about that. What is the difference between cows and horses anyway? I think cows are cute too.

Posted by: salalah 10.Mar.2013, 09:20 AM

They are very ecological. First they take care of unwanted horses without any mileage left in them but with enough meds to keep us high for months or even to sterilize us. Then they take care of the horse sh**t and fill the cakes with it. Or maybe it was a conspiracy to sterilize or poison the poor masses who buy this kind of food.

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