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Swede convicted in US on terror charges

Al Qaeda member of Lebanese origin

post 16.May.2009, 02:36 AM
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QUOTE (Kooritze @ 15.May.2009, 07:22 PM) *
To understand terrorist violence it is necessary to rethink who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. America, UK and Israel often protray themselves as being on the rig ... (show full quote)

...and then there's all that, you know, FOOD and MEDICINE we keep sending all over the planet.

Come to think of it, I don't recall Sweden expending several billions of its treasure when the tsunami wrecked so much of India, Sri Lanka, and related areas. Nor for that matter did Al Qaeda.
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post 16.May.2009, 06:30 AM
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QUOTE (CJBM @ 16.May.2009, 03:32 AM) *
Yes, the Japanese were just minding their own business, not harming anybody (like the Chinese) and those hideous Americans picked a fight with them. America acts: mind your ... (show full quote)

Well f**ckn said my friend. Well said (applauds).

America just wants to be left alone. And we give so much in aid to everyone all over the world.

Seeing the entire world in The Great Recession, I really hope that everyone can sit back and really see just how important of a country we are to EVERYONE. We hold the world up and you call us arrogant. We flourish and the world flourish's, we screwed up and now the world has been brought to its knees.

As for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where is the sympathy for Pearl Harbor? We did not start that war, but we damn sure finished it. Japan has since moved on and prospered quite well. Germany and Japan have been two of the most prosperous countries since. And for the record, they only had a vague idea of what that bomb would do, but nobody really knew it would have such a lingering effect. It could also be argued that millions more would have died, because the war would have dragged on instead of ending right than and there.

If America killed civilians without batting an eye, than The Iraq War would have began in March 2003 and ended in March 2003. American casualties would have only been those lost on September 11, 2001. As I have friends in Afghanistan and Iraq, I personally cannot wait for them to get stateside again. Than the world can watch as sectarian violence emerges again and they crumble. Blood will flow through the streets, and what will you say than? America should have stayed? Maybe Sweden will get dumped with a few hundred thousand more refugee's.
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post 16.May.2009, 10:31 AM
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Kmbr. Yes the Jew feels the same pain when he loses his family. The problem I have in this conflict is the level of 12 israeli,s killed by rockets...retaliation by the Israeli state kills some 2000 Palestinians. Moreover, the people have been denyed their country and freedom for 60yrs. Religeous Fundamentalist State: Israel! Think about it who are the Israelis? Americans, English, Ukranians, Russians etc etc They have one thing in common: Their faith. And the state of Israel,s creation is fundamentally grounded on the promise of a jewish homeland in the Bible; In effect they believe themselves to be the choosen ones by God...and they see their own actions justified on this basis...Now if that is not Religeous fundamentalism on a grand scale...what is!
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