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The Local _ Cooking _ Asian food (ie livs) in Dalarna ?

Posted by: oscard 21.Aug.2010, 10:44 AM

Hi all

Just moved to Dalarna from Malmö and am missing those great asian food shops round Möllevångstorget
Is there anywhere in Dalarna that we can get asian greens, fresh tofu, tempeh?

Thanks in advance..

Posted by: soultraveler3 21.Aug.2010, 03:45 PM

Dalarna is big, might help to know which part you're in. wink.gif

Posted by: Coalbanks 21.Aug.2010, 10:39 PM

Yum! Live food on my plate! Get it before it wriggles off to explore the table/floor. Try Google. Google knows all.

Posted by: oscard 22.Aug.2010, 08:15 PM

Umm well I don't actually think Dalarna is *that* big having lived some time in Australia...

Considering I doubt there will be an Asian shop in Idre. rolleyes.gif .I don't think where I am is that relevant, but I'm in Falun anyhow since you were so kind as to ask smile.gif

And if eniro is no help I doubt that google would be.

I was hoping to get some actual local knowledge..anyone? Otherwise I guess it's a Stockholm weekend visit again.

Cheers folks, thanks for the replies.

Posted by: NataBee 22.Aug.2010, 08:41 PM

I just arrived to Dalarna 4 days ago and I'm Asian too. I don't know about Falun but in Borlänge where I'm living, I could find Thailand rice and Vietnamese rice, soy sauce and fish sauce as well. There are also plenty of Thai restaurants in Borlänge too.
I don't know, maybe in a few weeks I might find some other Asian groceries here in Borlänge. Miss them already.

Posted by: Puffin 22.Aug.2010, 09:58 PM

The size of Dalarna being a big County with very small population (over 400km from one end to the other with just over 250,000 inhabitants) - I cannot off the top of my head think of a speciality shop - although there may be one somewhere

I suggest that in either Falun or Borlänge that you start by checking out the ICA Maxi stores or City Gross (between Falun/Borlänge) as they have an Asian section where you can get the basics for Asian cuisine
- different types of rice (Basmati, Jasmine, Wild etc)
- different varieties of soya
- fish sauces
- chilli sauces
- pastes for thai and Inidan curries
- huge variety of whole and ground spices (although I have been a bit lazy since I found that City Gross stocked Chinese 5 spice mixes and Garam Masala)

The veg sections sell different chilli types, fresh lemon grass, Big packs of lime leaves, different types of garlics, fresh ginger etc

You can get some types of tofu (I'm not a tofu expert though)

I'm not entirely sure what asian greens are - I use what they call 'Chinese cabbage* (Kinakål) in Asian dishes so perhaps you han improvise without going to Stockholm

Posted by: oscard 23.Aug.2010, 06:57 AM

Thanks Puffin for going to the trouble to reply.
I did also find a listing of a shop in Hedemora that looked interesting so I'll report back on this.

Cheers everyone.

Posted by: NataBee 23.Aug.2010, 09:06 AM

Yeah I saw Chinese cabbage, lemon grass and chili sauce in Borlänge too. Definitely need something else other than Chinese cabbage.

Posted by: Puffin 1.Sep.2010, 08:37 AM

Saw an article today in the Dalarna Newspaper (Dalarnas tidning) about a new food shop in Borlänge specialising in Finnish and Thai food (owned by a couple from Finland and Thailand) - I can't altogether work out where is is - other than it is in the Södra Backa area of Borlänge - but it might be worth investigating

Posted by: trilliam 13.Nov.2011, 01:56 AM

Hi everyone!
I know this is an older topic, but I too live here in Dalarna, so I guess giving it a bump and asking my own question...

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know of good places in Dalarna to buy Japanese ingredients (ie. bonito flakes)? I'm not looking for sushi stuff, that's easy to find.

The small-ish RuanThai shop in Mora is the only one I have been to, and while I hear it is good for Thai food, it sorely lacks for Japanese products. They are very nice and are willing to order a large bag of Japanese rice if I would like it, tho.

I did try to look up the store Puffin mentions in Borlänge, but I too couldn't find its location or even a phone number.

Thanks for your help!

Posted by: Puffin 13.Nov.2011, 12:15 PM

Try JJs Thai takeaway and mini market in Borlänge

Posted by: trilliam 14.Nov.2011, 09:52 PM

Thanks, Puffin. I was able to call them. Unfortunately, they apparently do not carry Japanese ingredients. So, I will be ordering from, JapanCentre I will try to let you all know how it goes.

Posted by: ayan05 23.Apr.2014, 12:25 PM

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Posted by: oscard 22.Jan.2017, 12:05 PM

Hi folks - long time since this post but am able to add detail re asian food supplies (thai especially) in Borlänge should anyone be doing a similar search on this site.

they are in Hantverkargatan 16,781 71 BORLÄNGE
Very friendly helpful staff.
Nothing like what you can get in Malmö, but they have a good selection of other things, more than you can get in the supermarkets.
For me I now make my own tempeh and tofu since moving here.
Best regards all..

Posted by: Mistress_Of_Doom 10.May.2017, 10:49 AM

So I was wondering are there any restaurants in Sweden that does authentic Chinese food? I'm not talking about stir frys, I'm talking about roast duck, Yum Cha, noodle soups etc.

Posted by: LondonLover 29.May.2017, 12:51 AM

What about sushi? Where do you think is the best Sushi in Sweden?

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