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Extension of Study Permit

Rejection of application due to bank statement

Reza Eslami
post 5.Jan.2019, 06:22 AM
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I am a master's student from UAE and I started my studies in 2017.
As an International student in Sweden, I applied for extension of my residence permit last May.
My application was rejected by the Migration Board in Summer. The Migration Board indicated
that they could not accept my bank statement because “large sum of money has been deposited into
the account and withdrawn shortly after”. I have to mention that my bank statement verified that
indeed I had more money in my account than the minimum required and as far as I understood,
the website of the Migration Agency does not specify the time duration that the money must remain
in the bank account. So, my perception was that I was not violating any requirements
of the Migration Board.

I appealed the decision of Migration Board in late summer and sent my appeal to
the Migration Court. In order to ensure that I’m meeting all requirements and to further
substantiate the fact that I am indeed able to support myself, I transferred all my money
into a Swedish bank and provided the court with a new bank statement issued by a Swedish bank
that showed again that I had sufficient amount of money in my account; more than the minimum
required by the Migration Board.
Unfortunately, after two months, I was informed last Friday that my appeal request has been
rejected by the Migration Court as the court sees no reason to change to the Migration Board
decision and now I just can send the final appeal request to the migration court of appeal,
which I know it is likely that they would reject my appeal request again.

I am so frustrated now and I need just 6 months to finish my studies. I started to work on my
thesis in Volvo and I do not know how long I could stay here!
If they reject my appeal again can I apply again for study permit immediately after I leave Sweden or I should wait
,for example 2 months to submit a new application.
I am so worried and I feel if apply again from outside of Sweden they wont give me a visa to complete my studies!!

Any suggestion, guidance and information is appreciated.
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post 13.Jan.2019, 10:51 AM
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QUOTE (Reza Eslami @ 5.Jan.2019, 12:22 AM) *
Hello, I am a master's student from UAE and I started my studies in 2017. As an International student in Sweden, I applied for extension of my residence permit last May.My ... (show full quote)

Hey really sorry to hear that, I myself am a master student as well and unfortunately at my university several sessions regarding student permit extension were held where we were advised precisely never to add funds to an account and then remove them right away as this is considered "not having sufficient funds and thus being sponsored", which led to people being rejected when applying for the extension.

I would strongly advise you to go (in case you haven't) to the international office at your university, hopefully they can clarify some things and provide better assistance on how you should proceed. Best of luck!
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