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UT-Card and Passport. Is there a link between them

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post 13.Dec.2012, 02:45 PM
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I used to have my PUT sticker on my passport.

When I obtained new passports for my kids and went to the migrationsverket to get PUT stickers on them I was told that the new way of visa stamps for long term residency is UT cards and they were given the same. I too was given the option to have one (though I had a valid passport and PUT sticker on it). I obliged and got one for me too.

Few months my passport was expired and I got my self a new passport. Unlike in many countries my country does not issue a new passport baring the same passport number as the old one. Hence my new passport has a different PP number than the old expired one.

I am about to travel next week out of EU. Do I have to let migrationsverket know about my passport number change ?
There is no reference to the Passport No on the UT card, Yet I guess there must be some reference in their computer system. I am worried the passport control guys will raise an issue over this at least when I try to come back to Sweden.

Has anyone experienced a similar case ? Appreciate your comments advice ?
Is there a link between UT-Card and Passport or is it just that one should have a valid passport and a valid UT card having the same name on both of them ?
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post 13.Dec.2012, 03:28 PM
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The UT-cards are according to an EU-directive. They've got biometrics on them don't they? Your UT is inspected on exit from country X and on entry to the EU. Whatever linkage the Migrationsverket does, I doubt passport numbers are the index key.

one should have a valid passport and a valid UT card having the same name on both of them ?

Belonging to the same person preferrably biggrin.gif
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post 13.Dec.2012, 05:15 PM
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I also had my UT as sticker, and recently my passport expired, so I went to misgrationsverket with my new passport to get photographed, give fingerprints etc. The guy helping me did put my new passport's number to the computer system. So, as you suspected, there is a link more than the holder's name. But I am not sure if that will really cause you trouble at a Schengen border.
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