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Finnish/Arabic in Timrå/Sundsvall!

Studying Swedish and I have minor questions!

post 22.Sep.2013, 08:28 PM
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That sounds fantastic! I naturally need to know more Swedish for that, but hopefully it wont be long until I learn the language!
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post 29.Sep.2013, 10:29 PM
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have you tried

they are based in Sundsvall but are quite active in Timra.
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post 30.Sep.2013, 08:39 AM
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QUOTE (Frii @ 22.Sep.2013, 07:28 PM) *
That sounds fantastic! I naturally need to know more Swedish for that, but hopefully it wont be long until I learn the language!

Well yes, you do need to talk Swedish to your colleagues in general meetings and so on, but where I am, the little groups speak to each other in their own language, e.g the Finns all speak Finnish to each other, my team speak English and so on. No denying that the general business language when all together is Swedish though..
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post 1.Oct.2013, 12:04 PM
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Welcome to Västernorrland! I signed up this lovely forum just to let you know that in the there is quite a larger number of Finninsh speaking up here in Sundsvall/Timrå than say... down there in the south.

Most people in Timrå commute to Sundsvall or up in Härnösand to work. I would recommend you get yourself familiar with Sundsvall as it is your best bet to find resources, help, and even job!

Do you have kids? If you do have kids, take them to meetings at the Sundsvalls Stadsbibliotek where they parents meet and get their kids to mingle to communicate in their native language (Finnish, Arabic, Russian, etc...). You just have to check out which days they meet! That way you can make new friends with parents who speak Finnish! smile.gif

To get more information just go to the Sundsvall kommun's website at (your husband can help you read and fetch information) or better yet, just go to the library and pick up pamphlets on their schedule and activities you can take part in! Who knows through the contacts you've made, they can help you with getting a job too! smile.gif

Good luck!
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post 2.Oct.2013, 01:34 PM
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Thank you so much for such active replies! And bollstrabuk, I feel honoured that you signed up just to write for me <3 (If I understood right!)

You see, I have no kids. I am only 19 (I know, it's crazy!) and I speak fine Swedish. My English and Finnish is fluent and my arabic is pretty good, just can't read or write it (I can pretty much communicate with Syrians and so by language, even though my roots come from Egypt and Lebanon).

I'll give utvecklingsporten a go! And I will also contact Sundsvall kommun and ask them! I need to get out of the house and meet people, go have coffee etc. I don't do it at all and it's a little sad. Even casual partying is fun, although I've never been into it that much. But just to have a somesort of life of my own so I wouldn't drive my fiancé insane biggrin.gif

I might also put up an advertisement for babysitting or dogsitting/walking. For little money but mostly to -do- something, really. Not to mention I love kids and animals!
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