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Insurance for Immigrant's Spouse

We she be covered by default?

post 5.Mar.2014, 06:53 AM
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I might be moving to Stokholm in a few months for a Job that I have been offered there. I am a non-EU guy and will be applying for Work Permit for Sweden. I know that I will register with the tax authorities, etc. when I reach and join work and will be covered under the insurance by default then. But my question is how will medical insurance work for my wife who will be joining me as a dependent and will not be having a job to begin with and we don't know how much time it will be before she finds a job.

Any idea about how insurance will work for her? Will she also be covered by registering with authorities for Personal Number or do we have to buy an insurance plan separately?

Sorry, but I was unable to find answer to this query by searching.

Thanks Everyone!
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post 5.Mar.2014, 09:40 AM
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Let's see...if you have a work permit for more than a year then you will be covered by the general insurance.

Your wife will then also get the same work and residence permit as you have and for the same time period as yours. So main point aside she should be eligible to work here as well.

So she is also eligible for the general insurance as well.

however if your WP is for less than a year then you must register for personal insurance as you won't get a personnummer etc.
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