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conflict of interests?

or idiotic?

post 17.Jan.2017, 08:50 PM
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I've got an issue with one of my teachers. She failed one of my essay last year: my supervisor said i could use translated texts to English as part of my analysis in linguistics, as long as a mentioned it in the essay. then she went on maternity leave and i was given another teacher to submit my essay to. she said it would not do, wrote that i had failed because of other things (which were taken from my first draft!!!). Anyway, i had to wait the next semester to submit it again, wrote a new essay in 2 days and it was passed (G). This year, she is my examiner for my thesis. and once again, after the defence, she says i should rewrite most of it and concentrate on pragmatics. my thesis has 3 main topics: sociolinguistics, pragmatics and discourse analysis. When i checked her qualifications, she only does things on pragmatics. I called the course coordinator who let me and the examiner know I could keep my three topics. I wrote about a famous Tibetan figure, and my examiner is the one responsible for the relations with china at my university. Is there a conflict of interests here? Anyone has advices on how to deal with this? how can i be fairly assessed on my thesis?
thanks for your help
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