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The Local _ Telecoms _ Mobile broadband conspiracy?

Posted by: Mumonthebrink 29.Sep.2016, 12:06 PM

Need advice or to hear from others who've had similar problems:

I'm testing a UK manufacturer's handset and have run into problems with mobile internet:
Mobile internet works perfectly with the SIM card in my Nokia handset.
My new handset whizzes around the internet with another mobile provider's SIM card in.

...but put the SIM in the new handset and I get very limited service (an obviously throttled service) where WhataApp messaging & calls work, social media and email notifications work, but the actual services and web browsing is not available.

Look forward to insights from the community.

Posted by: yet another brit 29.Sep.2016, 12:31 PM

Maybe you have a SIM card from abroad, and your new phone has "EU mode" enabled? This combination will throttle your phone, as indeed it is designed to do (but a local SIM card would work fine as it is "at home"),

Could also try resetting the APN configuration.

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