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How to appeal a rejected university application

Where to lodge a protest against such decisions

post 1.May.2009, 06:02 PM
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Hi Locallers,

I checked my pages at studera and it says 'requirements not fulfilled-You do not fulfil 180ECTS'.

I believe this is not a fair decision as i have a four year degree, an equivalent of 240ECTS in the same field of study i applied for.

Any organized body in sweden i can make an appeal for this decision?

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post 2.May.2009, 05:02 AM
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I believe there is a page on studera dedicated to just this eventuality. It involves filling up a form - printing it out and sending it to studera.

Another way might be to directly call the admissions officer of the university.

Another possibility is that they simply have not fully eveluated your application yet. Several universities change the status to "requirements not met" once they begin processing an application and change it to whatever SG and MR you merit once the initial evaluation is done. Thats what happened in my case. I was initially hit with "requirements not met" and then a few days later my status was updated to show my sg and mr. Therefore just chill out and wait till may 7th although your status will probably be updaetd way before that.

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post 2.May.2009, 08:33 AM
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The first thing that you should do is to check very carefully the eligibility requirements - sometimes there are requirements for a specific number of points in certain subjects

If you still think that there has been a mistake you can look into the appeals procedure - however you should no make an appeal until you have got your final decision - if you are accepted into a higher ranked University on your application there is no point in appealing

It would help to know what country your original degree was from - the degrees of some countries are not accepted as equal to a bachelor in Sweden - for example I checked out the degrees from the Phillipines for someone on this forum a few years ago and in that case it was only the 5 year bachleors that reach the 180 point requirementa and not the 4 year bachelors

There is also a requirement that the 180 ECTS must have the sufficient progression:
- in the old days some Universities and colleges awarded general bachelors where many of the points came from general/first year courses - however these are not accepted for Masters
- you have to have at least 1term or 30 ECTS study at each of the undergraduate level A, B, C
- I believe that you have to have a dissertation of at least 8,000-10,000 words
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post 2.May.2009, 10:23 AM
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My degree is from an African country. I did a bachelors thesis of more than 10 000 words.

I will wait until the 7th of May. If nothing changes, i will contact the University directly.

Is there a higher organization i can appeal to, if the University is not paying attention?

Thanks for your input.
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post 2.May.2009, 11:51 AM
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Well I think that you should start with seeing what you get offered - it may simply mean that your apllication has not been fully assessed yet and they have not ticked the box that says they have examined your degree certificate. So first you need to wait until May 7th

I beleive that you daid in another post that you had been accepted by BTH? So you could point out the inconsistency that BTH have accepted that you have at least 180 ECTS.

You must follow the official appeals procedure in the first instance - no other organisation will listen to you unless you can show that you have followed this.

I would however warn you that there may be a risk with an appeal - as there is no guarentee that it will be sorted out in time for you to start in autumn 2009 - it says on website

Even if the authority upholds your appeal, there is no guarantee that you will be able to begin the master's programme during the current academic year, but to wait until the next time the programme is offered.

So you will have to decide what to do
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post 2.May.2009, 12:58 PM
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Teachers must do more monitoring when entering students do not have the
technical background for the course; namely, language/writing skills,
knowledge of algebra and elements of calculus , research skills and computer literacy,
listening skills and note-taking. Even basic attendance can be a
significant issue that causes a lot of extra monitoring.

Extra monitoring can detract from the basic lecturing in the course.
When a class is comprised of a roster of competent students,
the teaching progresses uneventfully.

I think that the most efficient thing to do is to offer a week long introductory
course which refreshes basic knowledge in these critical areas.

Joseph S. Maresca
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post 2.May.2009, 08:19 PM
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QUOTE (faithfulguy @ 1.May.2009, 07:02 PM) *
Hi Locallers,I checked my pages at studera and it says 'requirements not fulfilled-You do not fulfil 180ECTS'.I believe this is not a fair decision as i have a four ye ... (show full quote)

sometimes they require credits in specific courses.

for e.g. if you apply Masters in Economics and it says you must have 180cts in Economics then out of that four years of study you should have three years of economics courses.

I do not think you can appeal.
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post 12.May.2009, 02:15 PM
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Hey Everyone,

It is good to see that so may people get admitted to universities,

It did not go so good for me as I have been rejected by all the business school I applied to (Lund, Stockholm Uni, Uppsala and Umea).

The problem is that my application was not even considered, rejected at national level and did not reach every school.
I will have completed four year of undergrad studies by July 2009, 240 ECTS Studera said that my mistake was not to send a list of courses I am taking right now before graduation. I submitted a document saying that I will get my BA degree before autumn 2009.

One thing that makes me mad is that when I contact business schools to asses my eligibility, they say that I have more background in economics than business. However, ecomic depatrments say exactly the opposite.

The reason for rejecting was not having 180 ECTS credits.

My question is how to appeal successfuly? I know that I have to fill in a form and send it.
Does anybody have similar experience? Is it worth at all to appeal?

Thanks in advance
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post 2.Jun.2009, 02:50 PM
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Which university did you apply to ? Did'nt you say ,you have been admitted to BTH?
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post 3.Jun.2009, 11:02 PM
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I applied for masters in Lund, Stockholm, Umea and Uppsala and they didn't even considered me, stating i am unqualified

after appealing they placed me on res lists, the biggest chance is to get to Umea, as I am 'res 4', others like 'res 200'.

is there really a chance of being admitted form 'res 4'?
I'll be waiting till the end of June
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post 15.Jun.2009, 01:20 PM
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I hope you have better luck with that... I've appealed against Lund's decision (the replies were the same as yours in all 4 of my applications), and the reply came in just now: "The university has not changed its decision." Great... the worst part being that it seems I was not even considered in the least, as if I had not sent in half my documents or something. If I had been comparatively ruled out or something, fine, but...
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post 15.Jun.2009, 01:56 PM
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My dear friend i have now become a proffesional i think at appealing.
You will call the university and speak to 20 different people who will tell you 20 different hings, like you don't qualify or you didn't send the correct papers. they will tell you they are busy or not taking calls.Keep on calling

Do your research on the courses the ones where you applied and the one that u did for undergrad. make sure you know your facts when you talk to them. I hope you have already sent your appeal cause we were meant to do that no less than three weeks after notification.
Anyway call the VHS they give you a 'lawyer' that's what i'm doing now.
Good luck and remember don't take no fo an answer cause these people are so quick to just put your paper aside because your degree doesn't have the exact same name as theirs.
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post 11.Apr.2020, 12:45 PM
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QUOTE (enilorac @ 15.Jun.2009, 01:56 PM) *
My dear friend i have now become a proffesional i think at appealing. You will call the university and speak to 20 different people who will tell you 20 different hings, like ... (show full quote)

Hi everyone, i get rejected in some science undergraduated program and I think the university admission simply ignore my associate degree certificate and transcript (which is similar as American associate degree). What is the chance of appeal letter?
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