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The Local _ Jobs _ Handle termination during probation

Posted by: dumbemployee 15.Apr.2019, 09:51 AM

I am new to this country, and recently got a job in one of the big fashion online retailers.

I got inducted and was straightaway thrown into deep end of the pool without training. I have no complaints since I enjoyed work and I knew I would learn the most on live projects (trainings finally did happen between week 6 and week 9). After 11 weeks of work, I "met expectations" as per written feedback; and soon enough in week 14, I got written another feedback stating my probation would be terminated listing variety of minor issues and most of those minor issues were part of my work prior to week 10. (totally felt like documentation being prepared to justify my exit).

I have been acknowledged by some colleagues on the team and others, who I interact with for trainings / meeting etc. Not to brag, but they have appreciated my pace of learning and ability to take on responsibilities already in first few months with good cm and on tools and processes required for the job. However this is not recognized or brought up in more recent discussions with my manager.

I have been through a lot minor instances to objectively understand that the situation has been quite unfair. I am totally unable to pinpoint the real reason for such change in behavior. I have had detailed discussions after termination emails which seem to focus on how I could fail in coming weeks rather than, how I could improve to be able to keep my job.

I really love my job and the responsibilities and would love to keep doing the work I do, however I have a feeling that even a miracle would not save me. Going to HR feels suicidal. Would union be able to help me during probation?

Anyone else has experience on how to handle this sticky situation?

Posted by: DuneSunny 15.Apr.2019, 12:07 PM

During the probation time the employer and employee can terminate the employment contract without any reason as long as they do not break the discrimination laws. If either party wants to break the contract before the probation time, then it must be with 2 weeks notice. The employer has a duty to tell the employees union and if the employer has a collective agreement with a union, then they must inform that union as well. A union will normally not help an employee unless they have been a member of their union for at least 12 months prior to the termination.

I don't think you would get much help from HR. Go to your union if you have been a member for more than 12 months - but I doubt they can help you if your employment is terminated under the probation time.

Posted by: dumbemployee 15.Apr.2019, 10:42 PM

What are the discrimination laws that we are talking about? I feel discriminated a lot of times, because the treatment for me is totally different from rest of the colleagues specially in closed room meetings sad.gif

Posted by: DuneSunny 16.Apr.2019, 08:05 AM

The discrimination laws were changed in 2017 and cover seven main sections. you can not be discriminated against for:
1) Gender
2) Gender identity or expression
3) Ethnic background / ethnicity
4) Religion / belief
5) Disabilities
6) sexual orientation
7) age

Also if you are or become pregnant, you cannot have your employment terminated for that either.

You can find it all in English on the Swedish Government's homepage.

Posted by: dumbemployee 16.Apr.2019, 01:24 PM

Thanks dunesunny

Hopefully someone else proposes how to address this situation in alternate manner.

Posted by: Svedallas 16.Apr.2019, 05:48 PM

QUOTE (dumbemployee @ 16.Apr.2019, 02:24 PM) *
Thanks dunesunny

Hopefully someone else proposes how to address this situation in alternate manner.

That it is why it is called probationary period.
It is a trial.

You should have raised these problems of lack of training at the very start, not after 6 weeks into it.

Good luck. H&M I gather...

Posted by: DuneSunny 16.Apr.2019, 06:54 PM

Well, if it is H&M, then you will probably not get taken on as they are in difficulty an need to close around 200 shops. It sounds as the OP has not researched their employer.

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