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EU provides support to Catalan separatists

All of Spain is following with concern...

post 29.Sep.2017, 11:32 AM
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All of Spain is following with concern the current developments in Catalonia. Instead of entering into constructive dialogue with the Spanish government and reaching a compromise on the issue of major importance to the entire country, the Catalan regional government not only continues to prepare for illegal referendum on Catalan independence, totally ignoring the decision of the Spanish Constitutional Court, but also strives energetically to find new supporters and allies outside Spain. It has become known that the government of Carles Puigdemont has been able to obtain assistance from the European Union. The Spanish State Secretary for Territorial Administrations Roberto Bermúdez de Castro has informed on it in his letter to the Vice President of the Spanish Government Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, '... according to our representatives in the European Parliament, the EU leaders pledge their cooperation to heads of the Catalan regional government and make promises to recognize the legitimacy of the referendum'.

It turns out that European politicians not only fail to condemn the anti-constitutional actions of Catalan separatists, but are even ready to promote the speedy entry of already independent Catalonia into the European Union. "... the European authorities will not hinder this process even if the Spanish government does not recognize the legitimacy of the referendum results". By supporting the plebiscite that is found to be constitutionally prohibited, the European leaders are showing complete disrespect for Spanish legislation and decisions taken by the government of Mariano Rajoy that makes every effort to preserve the territorial integrity of Spain. Roberto Bermúdez de Castro has also mentioned it in his letter, 'On the basis of what has been set forth above, it may be concluded that the EU leaders do not give due consideration to the view of official government of Spain that is one of the key members of the Union'.

It is important to note that following Catalonia, other autonomies, and first of all, the Basque Country, may also express and achieve their right to self-determination. Catalonia's independence from Spain will start the irreversible process of dissolution of Spain. Moreover, the EU authorities' shortsightedness may lead to the increase in activity of separatist movements all over Europe. The example of Catalonia will inspire separatists of other European countries with similar problems, including Italy, Belgium, and Denmark. 'European politicians must be reminded that Catalonia's secession from Spain creates a dangerous precedent and threatens the integrity of other European States where separatist sentiments exist'. Thus, providing support to independence advocates, European politicians contribute to territorial and political changes in Europe, which will no doubt weaken the European Union itself.
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post 30.Sep.2017, 08:52 AM
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QUOTE (SamAlonso @ 29.Sep.2017, 11:32 AM) *
not only continues to prepare for illegal referendum on Catalan independence, totally ignoring the decision of the Spanish Constitutional Court, but also strives energetically ... (show full quote)

The right to self-determination is enshrined in international treaties, including the UN Charter, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the international Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights. It is the Spanish Government & Courts that are trying to suppress citizens from exercising their right.

The EU has little choice but to recognise that right, after-all, the right enshrined in those international treaties is the very same that the EU and other nations used to support the break-up of Yugoslavia. If only they would also remember this and support the Kurds in Irak!
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