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[NEED HELP] emergency regarding living in Sweden

Tax agency, migration

post 10.Nov.2020, 01:36 AM
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Hello Everyone,
My fianc? is a born Swedish and currently living in Sweden. I live in Canada and we have already submitted an application about a month ago on Oct 2020. However, ive been reading alot on living there with a spouse, and waiting times for a decision. When i called the swedish tax agency, they told me there is yet to have a case officer on it. I don?t really know how long it would take. Ive been to Sweden many times using my Canadian citizenship. We have gotten a marriage certificate and it is valid to get married until February 2021. Since ill be getting married in December of 202 in Sweden, how will this work? Because i cant leave her to come back to Canada.
Also, can i just visit Sweden and extend my visit? Because ive heard from many that i can not stay in Sweden over 90 days. But what if I extend my visit as ?tourist? and live with her until we receive a decision? Can someone explain their situation they had to face from Canada or any suggestions is welcomed! Ive read all over the web, including the tax agency website and even calling them as my situation, they just said wait.

Please help me out im desperate at the moment.
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post 10.Nov.2020, 12:35 PM
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Soz I have no answers but have you looked through the forum archive? Coz there are many threads on this topic.

Also try this FB group called I v?ntan p? familjen

Have you talked to the Swedish migration agency? I don't think the tax agency will be able to advise you.

And soz if this is uncomfortable to hear but if your Swede is not helping you find out this information you need to think over the situation.
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post 10.Nov.2020, 01:43 PM
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post 11.Nov.2020, 08:58 PM
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> Because ive heard from many that i can not stay in Sweden over 90 days.

That's correct. The 90 days you get under the visa waiver for Canadian citizens cannot be extended. If you get your residence application approved during this time then you could stay, but as you say, the waiting time is likely to be much longer than that.

It's possible to apply for a visitor's permit for longer than 90 days, but I doubt that you could have two applications pending at the same time and, even if you could, I don't like the chances of getting a visitor's permit during the pandemic. Sorry I can't tell you anything more helpful than that!
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post 24.Nov.2020, 07:13 PM
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QUOTE (wallace1837 @ 11.Nov.2020, 02:35 PM) *
Your plan is bound to fail. Sweden is not the place to settle, especially if you are coming from a civilised country like Canada. First it will takes years to get the visa htt ... (show full quote)

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