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The Local _ Telecoms _ Comviq - what to do with balance

Posted by: uduck 12.May.2012, 10:49 PM

I'm not sure how many of you are using Comviq prepaid SIM card.

What can you do with the balance on comviq?

Posted by: CCVB 13.May.2012, 08:31 AM

I use Comviq, I once let the balance get to the limit date ( dont know how to call it ) and I lost the money, it went back to 0

Posted by: Johno 13.May.2012, 11:36 AM

It happens (with other phone companies too) if you do not use your phone regularly or only spend small amounts. With Comviq you loose your balance if you do not top up regularly. I myself have the problem that I mainly use the phone to surf when in Sweden and make few phone calls and can build up a balance I dont need. One answer is only top up with small amounts like 50 kr on the Amigos tarif. (What they say about Smart I didnt take in). So your options are, top up again, make calls to use up the balance, or send the balance to someone else.

The last one above could certainly be of use if you wont use the phone again. Send the balance on to a mate who will pay you the cash.

"Skicka pengar till en kompis genom att slå *144# med din telefon eller be en kompis att skicka pengar till dig."

Posted by: uduck 13.May.2012, 01:30 PM

I think you only lose your balance if you didn't top up for 1 year, isn't it?

I'm thinking of how to spend these money .. for example, finding a coffee machine that accepts SMS purchase, or using SL or UL busses/subways etc.

How else can I spend it? Can I use it to buy other things?

Posted by: Johno 13.May.2012, 03:22 PM

Sorry, I had forgotten paying direct since without a pn I cant do it myself. Do payments come from your kontantkort balance or go on your monthly bill ? (Having just been checking) Or if otherwise perhaps someone who knows the detail can explain it. My normal phone balance wouldnt pay for many bus journeys. But I guess you just go and look for places you can pay that way. I note that our regional paper takes certain payments via SMS. Smart payment systems are around and others coming but I have no info.

Posted by: Kibiri 13.May.2012, 04:55 PM

There is no monthly bills, or anything like that. You probably were not able to pay for bus and similar stuff with mobile, because of the special rule they introduced last year, supposedly due to some EU laws. See here

Posted by: uduck 13.May.2012, 11:58 PM

This is easy... you just need to activate it then you are good to go..

Posted by: Johno 14.May.2012, 09:23 AM

So I guess to sum up. There aren't so many ways to pay by SMS yet, since nobody has come up with any sort of list.

There is no monthly bills, or anything like that.

And getting it straight in my own mind. Providing you have a pn and have registered, if you have a Kontantkort with some sort of balance, it acts like a preloaded cash card, and if you have a monthly account, the sums spent get added to your monthly bill.

Only a further random comment. Since lots of buses now dont take cash, God help tourists who think they can just jump on a bus !

Posted by: sexyblack 8.Jan.2013, 02:10 PM

Very Urgent!!!

hi i have a comviq sim but have lost my sim pack and also got no credit. I dont know my number but was wondering is there a number I can dial from my phone to bring up my number on screen!!


Posted by: Johno 8.Jan.2013, 02:32 PM

First of all its not printed on the sim itself, so dont bother looking.
It can be phone dependent how to find it.
If you phoned anyone recently can you get them to look in their phone log.
Have you sent a SMS to anybody recently
Set up a bluetooth link to another phone and share data - it may come up
Google "what's my mobile phone number" and lots of ideas come up.
Did you sign up to an on line Comviq account ? That will tell you.
Did you set up My card on your number list, that will have it.
One sure way is to dial 112 and ask them what number you are calling from but I dont recommend it.
Buy a new sim pack, 100kr, order one via for free.

"Man kan till Comviq slå *116# LUR Så får man numret" From
IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least on my phone with a balance.

Please reply with how you solve it.

Posted by: Pursuivant 8.Jan.2013, 03:03 PM

I don't know if thats just being thick, but at least my phone has in the settings "my number"

Posted by: Johno 8.Jan.2013, 03:20 PM

My Comviq Samsung which is an unlocked T-mobile phone has Number unknown there, and my Comviq Nokia set up from new doesnt have a My Number request.

ps Where are you sexyblack ?

Posted by: sexyblack 9.Jan.2013, 01:04 AM

*pursuiant* thats kinda rude but anyways not all phones have number in settings so maybe the thickness comes from you tongue.gif!

thanks other guys for all your replies i have tried everything and couldnt get it. So am just gona go get credit and ring another number smile.gif that way i have it lol

Posted by: Johno 9.Jan.2013, 09:45 AM

Are you saying that dialling *116# didnt work ? That surprises me.

And since Puirsuivants mild comment about him/herself being thick was being rude, do you mean "Very Urgent !!!" was to save you a 50 kr top up that you need to use the phone anyway ?

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