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This site is a f**king joke!

Swedish news?

post 2.Aug.2016, 09:39 AM
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The Local's prime purpose is to spread positive propaganda about Sweden and not the truth, so yes it is a joke. I completely agree with you there! To be credible they should also inform about negative things in Sweden, e.g. Swedish "values", such as

1. It's OK to pay taxes on income you have not had (for example, on investment savings account, which is one of the most popular savings arrangements among Swedes).

2. If an immigrant commits a crime you do not say that he is an immigrant for It can be interpreted as "racist" (a word that most Swedes do not understand what it really means). But if a Swede were to commit a similar offense you mention this and often even what city he is from. A picture of his home and his front door is also quite OK.

3. If someone performs better than yourself, you get envious. And if this person earns money on this you could even begrudge him.

4. Sweden is the best at everything, even at health care and English. When the contrary is proved, Swedes do not believe this.

5. A very reserved attitude to those you do not know is appropriate.

6. Illegal immigrants are entitled to free medical and dental care. Swedish pensioners and others are not.

7. Retirees should pay more tax than those who work.

8. Sweden should receive more refugees per capita than other countries.

9. When the political party Sweden Democrats want to limit the number of refugees they are called "racist". When other parties are copying this view and want to do the same thing they are "showing responsibility".

10. If an "unaccompanied refugee child" says that he is a child and under 18 years of age, it must be true, even though he is over 25 or 30 years old.
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post 2.Aug.2016, 03:38 PM
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QUOTE (Rebecka @ 2.Aug.2016, 08:39 AM) *
The Local's prime purpose is to spread positive propaganda about Sweden and not the truth, so yes it is a joke. I completely agree with you there! To be credible they ... (show full quote)

You have captured the Swedish model in 10 points. Good job!
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post 2.Aug.2016, 10:57 PM
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All I can say is that if Sweden is as bad as you all bl**dy well say, then why in hades are you all still here?????
It is strange that everyone, well almost everyone, on these forums is complaining about the place, and yet so many are in a damned hurry to get Swedish nationality.
For conveniece sake mostly - not because they feel 'Swedish'. That in itself is a pure case of double standards.
So many have not the capability of simply accepting Sweden for what it is, but must complain because 'it ain't like home'. Not the same food, not the same fruit, not the same everything.
You are all a miserable lot of moaning minnies, so why don't you go back to where you so clearly belong - back home wherever that is.
This whole site is simply a place for moaning about a country to which you all chose to move, and yet is NOT to your liking. So why stay? Is it the convenience? Is it the standard of living? is it because you are not welcome back home? Trying to escape from a previous failed life?? To another - - -
It is enough to try the patience of a saint. Nothing suits. Everything is wrong, yet there are plenty who remain here despite everything. WHY? To moan and deride all things Swedish and the Swedish people. It is little wonder that you are met with a cold shoulder.
Go back to where you think you belong and endeavour to make your peace with the world since you clearly are dissatisfied wioth your lives here.
There are plenty of us who came here to make a new life and were prepared to accept the Swedish way of lfe and NOT expect everything to be 'like home'. And we have done it whilst retaining our own nationality, and thereby have been accepted into the community. Not changing our horses in mid-stream purely for the sake of convenience.
If you think this is a rant OK. It is. Someone has to put into print what the Swedes must be thinking of you miseries, and it is little wonder that, with such a mentality, you do not have any friends here. Who wants such?? I wouldn't.
It is little wonder also that this website is as it is, with the attitudes shown. It is a bane on the Swedish landscape, and all you moaners and whiners with it.

When we get to odd posting that has any bearing on a happy life here, it is the exception rather than the rule and is like a breath of fresh air. But it happens so rarely. At a guess those happy here don't bother with websites like this. I came on because I felt there was an opportunity to offer help now and then, but the way things are so many are way past redemption.

if Sweden is all that bad - then clear off and don't poison the air here with your whining. angry.gif angry.gif

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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 3.Aug.2016, 01:42 AM
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The complainers were probably just as dissatisfied with their lives long before they came to Sweden...

TheLocal is a great place to vent ones frustrations...but...yes it does get tiresome reading the same things over and over again...

However, that's the nature of this forum...

I'm hoping that a comedic Troll will turn up and stop the dirge... rolleyes.gif
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post 3.Aug.2016, 03:04 PM
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'Hole Cutter from Hell' and 'Bladerunner,' left this site ages ago...

*so don't expect any change soon! *
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 3.Aug.2016, 03:18 PM
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"Oldies but goodies"

The old gang is gone and the new gang is???

Oh, well, at least the news is top notch, informative, and reflects the true condition of journalism in it's finest manner...Is there a Pulitzer award in the offing??? unsure.gif
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yet another brit
post 3.Aug.2016, 06:53 PM
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Interestingly enough, a large percentage of those who comment on the Facebook page are often Swedish

Often Swedish, what a nice idea! What nationality are they, when they aren't part-time Swedes?
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post 3.Aug.2016, 07:26 PM
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Hissy-fit at it again, "if Sweden is all that bad - then clear off and don't poison the air here with your whining."

How about: if TL forum is all that bad - then clear off and don't poison the air here with your whining!

Couldn't be bothered to read your long-winded bloated tripe, but let's have a look at your constant moaning, shall we?

No one gives a flying f#¤k if you don't like their comments. So, if you don't like it, why the hell don't you flog-off, you old hack? Why do you constantly come to TL forum, where many people vent their frustration of Meatballia, and then complain about it, you muppet?

Take your own advice you grotty little wanker, and take a hike. Right? No one asks you to continuously come here, you do that of your own accord, yes? So if you don't like what you know the rest!

Now, let's wait for one (of three) of your "one-line-wonder" retorts, that you repeat ad nauseum, whenever you get a bee in your bonnet. You really are a boring, old, predictable, pathetic TOOL! And it all makes sense...that's what 300 years living in Meatballia will do to a "man"(?).
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 3.Aug.2016, 09:03 PM
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post 4.Aug.2016, 11:17 PM
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QUOTE (Gjeebes @ 3.Aug.2016, 06:26 PM) *

QUOTE (Lazarzero @ 3.Aug.2016, 10:38 PM) *

Began to ponder whether or not to bother to reply, then decided if heebee jeebee and his china little lazy 0 want to get personal or cross the lines of public decency, OK. Here goes:-

Old GH is right.
We do need some comedic trolls on these forums. And here we have wonderful specimens. They are so comical that they would make the Marx Brothers and Laurel & Hardy seem like Shakespearean actors.

These two supercilious individuals are among the top experts on Sweet Fanny Addams.
Self appointed anti-everything Swedish, the comments pour from their vitriol lubricated keyboards, and now even personal and foul-mouthed rants.
The language is so typical of the products of Blair’s ejukayshun. High-faluting rubbish that stems from the gutter or even beneath same as per the lazy 0, who has excelled itself in the latest ‘effort’.

Heebee jeebee says he does not like reading long posts. No doubt they over-tax what passes for a brain inside that thick skull. Since he subscribes to long texts to these forums, it would not come as a surprise if he has a great source for cutting and pasting. The Dandy or the Beano perhaps.

They seem to be very square pegs not even trying to fit into the Swedish round holes, or anywhere else - including their homeland, such that it makes you wonder if they are trying to escape those ASBO’s issued since they make no effort to return ‘home’.

I almost wrote ‘endeavouring’ instead of ‘trying’, but realised that it was longer than marmalade, and I would hate to tax heebee jeebee’s ability with long words. He might have a hissy fit!! (What a pleasant thought!)

Anyway, have fun folks, these two are truly comical, if rather pathetically so. Just remember the names, heebee jeebee and lazy 0. Modern day comediians - - - and if you have seen any of the so-called comedy programmes on BBC TV you will know what I mean.
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post 5.Aug.2016, 09:22 PM
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Sweden's news in English

That is what TL states. All this bollocks from GH and Savage means nothing. Need i say more. Start publishing news instead of crap that The Sunday Sport publishes.

PS Savage. Most people that post on Facebook are Americans that have never lived hhere, not Swedes
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 5.Aug.2016, 10:03 PM
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So, you doubt that TheLocal could win a Pulitzer prize...

You don't believe in the 10,000 monkeys theory???

Hey, you never know!!!
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post 6.Aug.2016, 09:40 AM
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Awards like Coke bottle caps and about as valued.
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Renfeh Hguh
post 6.Aug.2016, 02:20 PM
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QUOTE (Hisingen @ 6.Aug.2016, 10:40 AM) *
Awards like Coke bottle caps and about as valued.


So true

(OMG I am agreeing with you blink.gif )
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 6.Aug.2016, 03:11 PM
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Deny access to the infidels!!!

Dissociate them!!!

"Ya gotta believe"!!! rolleyes.gif
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