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The Local _ Visas _ Sjukförsäkring for work permit holders

Posted by: pukinswe 25.Aug.2019, 02:13 PM


I recently started working full-time at an engineering company in Stockholm. I'm residing here on a two-year work permit.

I know that companies are supposed to provide occupational pension and three other types of insurances (occupational injury, life and health) for work permit holders. I have received all of these.

I have a doubt regarding Sjukförsäkring (health insurance) in Sweden. Where I am from, health insurances normally cover hospital visits, checkups, tests, surgery, and other treatment-related expenses, and also provide help with hospital bookings and referrals.

However, my Sjukförsäkring terms and conditions says that it would only provide compensation if I am incapacitated (unable to work) by 25%, and basically I would receive a payout depending on how many days I haven't been able to work, up to a certain maximum amount per month. There seems to be no cover for aforementioned expenses.

Does anyone know whether this is in-line with requirements of Migrationsverket? Is this acceptable?

I did a bit of research into Sjukförsäkring offered by other insurance companies in Sweden, and it seems to match the T6C of the insurance that I am receiving. It appears as though I'd have to take a Vårdförsäkring if I want a proper health cover.

Can someone share some insights on this matter?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by: Case officer 26.Aug.2019, 09:03 AM

To be issued a work permit, your employer must offer you conditions equal to a collective agreement. This includes a sjukförsäkring that will compensate you financially if you are absent from work for medical reasons.

Posted by: gsurya 28.Aug.2019, 04:22 PM

If you have a work permit in Sweden, you are already covered for medical / hospital expenses in Sweden by the State. You pay only up to about 1200 SEK an year out of your own pocket, after that it is free. You dont need a medical insurance for that.

Posted by: pukinswe 13.Sep.2019, 06:57 PM

Thanks for replying to my query

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