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Lund or Stockholm ?

Studying, working, housing... for foreigners

post 2.Apr.2017, 08:06 PM
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Hi everyone !

First, let me introduce myself : I'm French and I'm planning to study in Sweden. I applied for two master's programmes in "Media and Communication Studies", one in Lund and the other in Stockholm University. I'm accepted in Stockholm and I'm on the waiting list for Lund which was my first choice.

As I would love to live and work in Sweden (or in one of the Nordic countries) after my studies, I have some questions about these two cities/universities.

I know Lund is the best university of Sweden. However, in which city is it easier to find a job for non-Swedish speakers (student job, internship, and "real" job) ? Of course I want to learn Swedish language but I guess it will take time before I become fluent !

Could you then give me information about the cost of living in Lund and Stockholm? Especially about housing (how hard is it to find an apartment there - and how much is the rent?).

Do you know if there are Swedish courses for foreigners outside the University ?

Besides, if you have studied (or if you are studying) in Lund or in Stockholm in Media and Communicaton, could you tell me what you think about this programme?

Finally, which city (between Lund and Stockholm) do you prefer and why?

Thank you very much for your help ! smile.gif
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post 3.Apr.2017, 02:40 PM
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I will speak from IT field perspectives
There are plenty of opportunities in Stockholm than Lund, however, Lund still close to Malmo which is a big city with plenty of opportunities too, but not as much as Stockholm. Moreover, Lund is close to Copenhagen, Denmark capital, Danish market is a very generous in terms of salaries compared to the Swedish.

The cost of living in Stockholm is generally higher, with the rental cost being the biggest difference. A 2 bed room apartment costs 8000-12000 SEK depending on the location, while in Lund it costs 6000 - 10000 SEK depending on the location. Groceries the same, however, it depends really on what supermarkets you choose and how clever you are in hunting offers and discounts.

Swedish government provides free Swedish courses called SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) they are free but they have waiting queues. However, there is a university called FolkUniversitet that provides paid courses with higher quality. If your employer is generous, he can pay for you.

In general, Stockholm is cold and diverse city, while Lund is small and student-centric city. If you mind the weather, Lund is far better than Stockholm, at least weather-wise.

Kidest Regards
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post 4.Apr.2017, 09:24 PM
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Thank you for your answer ! smile.gif
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