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The Local _ Language _ Can someone help me with this translation please?

Posted by: kiwistick 10.Sep.2017, 03:12 PM

Hi guys - I am looking at a property to buy, and in the project description it says the following under "Others" - I tried Google translate and have somewhat of an idea, but it's not entirely clear to me what this means.
Can someone please help?
To clarify, it's an old building which hasn't been lived in or used in a few years. I want to make sure it'll be easy enough to reconnect things if buying the house.

'Övrigt: Huset är kallställt (vattenburet värmesystem urtömt)."

Thanks so much in advance!

Posted by: Essingeviken 10.Sep.2017, 03:27 PM

It means that the house has been prepared for the winter, so as to avoid any damage that might occur during the winter months. The section in brackets says that the water-based heating system has been emptied.

So that when you eventually come to start things up again...they might work...or there again,they might not.

Posted by: kiwistick 10.Sep.2017, 05:04 PM

Thank you so much, that's great and indeed translated to something else than I feared it would wink.gif
And would you mind very much helping me with this one as well? That's the only other thing not quite clear to me -

"Källarvåning dränerad (asfaltstruken) under 80-talet. Förvärvstillstånd krävs"

PS - maybe someone knows this as well, even tho it's not a translation question - but this is an old school building built in 1900 in a very small community, unused for a number of years - could there be any problems wanting to renovate (ie historical protections or similar, would this be something quite common in Sweden?)

Thanks so much, once again! smile.gif

Posted by: Bsmith 10.Sep.2017, 08:49 PM

Basement was drained in the 80's. (not sure of the asphalt quote) Acquisition permit required.

My experience with Sweden, is yes, you will encounter bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

Perhaps someone who has gone through something like this will be of more help.

Good luck.

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