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Need some help with a number

details about a phone number

post 29.Oct.2014, 12:33 PM
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Hello, does anybody know what kind of number this is? 0505921031 it comes from an iCloud locked iphone that i think comes from sweden. My question is if anybody knows to tell me: what carrier it belongs to in sweden, what prefix should i dial if i want to call it and is it mobile or fixed...landline. Thank You!
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post 29.Oct.2014, 01:05 PM
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Not a Swedish mobile phone number. Mobile phone numbers in Sweden always start with 07 followed by 8 digits. It could be a regular phone with area code 050, and then the full number would be +46 50 5921031
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post 29.Oct.2014, 02:14 PM
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It's not a registered number nor can I find what network it is connected to, so unless you've been expecting a call from a strange number, it's probably some sort of spamming company I'd say.
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post 29.Oct.2014, 02:18 PM
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post 30.Oct.2014, 10:34 AM
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I don't understand the iCloud or locked references and how you're tying that into the Swedish phone system. Can you explain a little more?
Do you think it's a VOIP type phone number (Skype purchase etc, although 05 is not a prefix which is available for purchase through Skype, today anyway)?
If it is a VOIP type, it could come from almost anywhere, (+505 is the country code for Nicaragua, 05 can be a prefix for some Australian mobiles, for example, so there's lots of choice) but it's not clear how you've decided on an iCloud locked device or whatever type (and how or why) rather than conventional land-line or mobile or how you've made a Swedish link.

If this is a Swedish number, then +46 505 is a Karlsborg number, so that makes it a land-line, but that's if it is Swedish at all.
The 921031 part of the number - as a Karlsborg line - is either unregistered, not in existence or retained as private by the subscriber, according to the search I used.

Telephone sellers often use VOIP type numbers, but they are often distinguishable by having a land-line prefix and 7 or 8 further digits.
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post 30.Oct.2014, 12:41 PM
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And you should, of course, be aware that "telephone number displays" may not always be what they seem (highlights from an article I saw recently):-

A new phone scam - known as number spoofing - is netting millions of pounds for fraudsters, consumers are being warned.
Typically criminals fool people into thinking they are talking to their bank, or the police, on the phone.
To help gain the target's trust, they display a fake number on the phone's caller ID screen.
They then persuade the victim to hand over details of their bank account, or passwords, or suggest that they move money to keep it safe.
Using those personal details, they then steal money from that person's account.
Frequently it is businesses which are being targeted, as well as some well-off individuals.

When indulging in phone "spoofing", criminals will often draw attention to the number that is showing on the recipient's screen.
Officials warn people to watch out for such odd behaviour, as it is a big clue that something is wrong.
"... if a caller is trying to draw your attention to the number on your phone display, it's very unlikely the call is genuine as there is no legitimate reason to point it out," said Craig Jones of the FFA.
The technology being used has existed for a number of years, but fraudsters have only recently started using it.
"It's not difficult for the criminals to fake a caller ID," said Mr Jones.
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