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Family of Three & Study in Sweden

Universities That Pair Well With Small Families.

post 26.Aug.2016, 12:58 AM
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I'm a Computer Science major in my junior year in the United States. My husband and I have been looking at countries to move to and, after a thorough amount of research, came to the conclusion that Sweden was it. We have a one year old and, in an effort to get her assimilated to the Swedish language and culture more easily, we thought it best to move sooner than later.

With that said!

Do any of you have recommendations for a university that could be better paired with a family? It would be a program in English but I suppose I'm searching for a university that either provides family housing on campus or is in a city that has reasonable prices for a two bedroom apartment. We've been looking at Kristianstad and Linnaeus University but any recommendations are welcome, especially if you all are aware of or have experience with other universities that are more generous with international scholarships or grants that could offset some of the typical costs associated with living in a major city.

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post 27.Aug.2016, 07:19 AM
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Any Swedish small town will be relatively affordable to live in as a family.
For you I think the biggest issue is the fact you would be expected to pay outrageous fees which are far, far from justified.
Honestly, it's really not worth it, look at countries without or with reasonable tuition fees for foreigners. With a degree in computer science you will be able to find a job in Sweden and you will skip going deep into debt to get a shitty degree.
I doubt you would be able to get financial aid in Sweden as for that you need to be from a 3rd world country.
Also keep in mind that if you make a decision today, the earliest you can start studying is September 2017 (I doubt you have the time to get your paperwork and visas in order to start in February). Might be easier to just finish your ongoing program and start looking for a job directly.
It should not be impossible to find a job with this kind of a degree even if you don't speak a word of Swedish. It will be harder to get someone get you a work permit but not exactly impossible, people do it all the time.
Keep in mind that for the Swedish employer, it doesnt make much of a difference if you're an American with a degree from a place in the US or a degree from a small university in Sweden. In either case they need to get you a work permit and you probably don't speak Swedish, which are the two main disqualifying factors for some. For those who don't care, they also don't care where your degree is from.
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