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The Local _ Gothenburg _ Leasing car - monthly car rental

Posted by: AngelosAr 31.Oct.2017, 06:31 AM

Does anybody know what are the prices to rent a car (monthly rental) or leasing car for individuals? I am interested for a small car (4-5 passengers car)

Thank you!

Posted by: Cheeseroller 31.Oct.2017, 09:06 AM

Entirely depends on the sale price of the car you would lease and km that you would drive each year. Normally there is an upfront deposit and then the monthly lease cost. Is this for private or business? Would you lease for 3 years which is the normal period?

Posted by: AngelosAr 31.Oct.2017, 01:17 PM

I don't have problem with the lease plan (how many years it is going to be) but i want it for 1-2-3-4 years maybe!I also want it for private use. May you know the price for a small car for 3 years? I would like it to be 10000-25000 per year (not less) In Greece the lease plans are for 20.000KM per year so i dont know how things work in Sweden. Thank you for your reply!

Posted by: Cheeseroller 31.Oct.2017, 02:00 PM

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Posted by: Kalyissa 31.Oct.2017, 06:24 PM

I have a ford fiesta 2500 a month for automatic.

Posted by: AngelosAr 31.Oct.2017, 07:51 PM

As i can see in terms the toyota car leasing offer includes 4500mil (approximately 7000km). Does that mean 7000km for the whole period of leasing (3 years) or 7000km per month? If you could understand because i am not that good in Swedish , i am still learning! Kalyissa, does your offer include insurance and taxes? How many kilometers are included in your offer?

Thank you!

Posted by: KKK 13.Mar.2018, 02:31 AM


I plan to lease a car rather then buy a car

do you suggest?

any leasing car companies in Gothenburg?


Posted by: yet another brit 14.Mar.2018, 08:21 PM

any leasing car companies in Gothenburg?

The best offers seem to come from the manufacturers/dealers themselves, and so location isn't important. It is becoming an important part of their margin, or so I hear.

Posted by: Essingen55 15.Mar.2018, 08:23 AM

SEK 2,200

Good alternative to a Fiesta...look at the Youtube reviews.

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