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Make Swedes mentors for immigrants - minister

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post 2.Sep.2005, 05:39 PM
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Make Swedes mentors for immigrants - minister

A fifth of the Swedish public would consider being a mentor for newly arrived immigrants, according to a report from the Swedish Integration Board.

Now, Minister of Equality and Integration Jens Orback says he wants to harness this enthusiasm to boost integration.

"For me, this is about a reciprocal mentorship, where native Swedes should also be integrated in the new Sweden, and not just the opposite," wrote Orback on Svenska Dagbladet's debate page, Brännpunkt.

In the Swedish Integration Board's report, The Integration Barometer 2004, which was presented on Thursday, it also emerged that more than half of the Swedish population is ready to contribute to helping immigrants establish themselves in society.

Just 14% of Swedes say they feel negative about immigration. According to Jens Orback, that is the lowest in Europe, with 50% of Danes and 59% of Finns saying they are opposed to immigration.

"This great interest in getting involved with the work of change is an important base and starting point for the ongoing task of integration," wrote Orback.

"I want to urge the hundreds - if not thousands - of political organisations around Sweden to harness the will which exists and act as ambassadors between new and old Swedes."
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Kelvin Aka The Dramka
post 7.Sep.2005, 06:26 AM
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As noble an idea this may appear, this doesnt stand a chance. There seems to always be some type of poll depicting the swedes as the best something. Why isnt there any other information about these organizations that conduct these polls. Where are the conducted? What people are polled? When? What was the criteria? Were they polled for the purpose of this topic? or was there another reason at hand?

I find it totally misleading that a society that openly and routinely discriminates against immigrants would have the adacisty to even propose such a thing.
The LO and the government worked together to surpress unemployment figures which still are debatable... some say 6.9% while other are say a staggering 20.0% + is more in line. Yet they continue to show more current figures to be around 6.9%...without anymention of the previous results and figures.
It was just in June that this website posted the following article:
Sweden is racist" - government report
Integration policies contribute to structural discrimination in Swedish society, according to a government report presented on Wednesday.
This is an absolute in your face contraction of the what is being presented here today.
In another report that appeared on he local this was said. Trying to get a job in Sweden can become a full-time occupation in itself. For people living in ?segregated areas? it?s a near impossibility. That?s according to the government's discrimination investigator who wants to see them given preference in the job market.
In another article at the local this appears: If your name's not Svensson, you're not coming in.
Apparently Swedish bars and restaurants are doing so well these days that they are becoming increasingly picky about their clientele. And - surprise, surprise - it's immigrants who are at the back of the queue.
According to Tuesday's Svenska Dagbladet, the number of reports of ethnic discrimination in bars has doubled in the last 12 months despite - or perhaps because of - an anti-discrimination law introduced a year ago.

In another article posted at the Local we see this : Metro boss resigns after racist "joke"
Free morning newspaper Metro is making headlines of its own after one of its board members, and boss of Swedish media company MTG, Hans-Holger Albrecht, opened an after-dinner speech with the words "Good evening ladies, gentlemen and niggers.
And another article in the local: Discrimination hits one in three
More than one in three immigrants have faced discrimination in the last three years, and the majority of those say that it is a common occurrence -particularly in the job market.
This week's press jumped on the results of a survey of 4,000 people by the Anti-Discrimination Office, which suggest that Sweden's melting pot is still barely defrosting, let alone bubbling away happily.
37% of respondents said that they had been discriminated against, and in the majority of cases this was on the grounds of ethnic origin. But apparently such discrimination is not completely indiscriminate: 54% of those born in Africa said they had experienced the problem, compared to only 14% of those born in other Nordic countries.
There seems to be no limits or bounds to which the governent will go to claim that they are best in some strange catageory. I imagine we are due to see some report soon that claims swedes to be the freindliest and happiest in the world...this too may apear to be a bit misleading. This is a country where people dont even smile and let alone recognize and acknowledge a stranger in their presence.
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