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Future plans of moving to Sweden from Scotland

Question for future plans regarding moving

post 28.Jul.2019, 11:31 PM
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Firstly, I had a look through a number of posts but there wasn't one which really suited my exact situation (sorry for another "planning to move, I have questions" thread)

To explain my situation, I am 25 years old, i currently live in Scotland. My girlfriend is 20 and she lives in Sweden. She is currently in her second year of university in Stockholm, I have completed my BSc (hons) in computer science and currently work full time as a system engineer.

Right now between myself and girlfriend we have savings of around 300k sek with plans to be around 400-500k sek next year.

With Brexit going on, I have the right for Irish citizenship through family meaning I'll maintain my EU status after Brexit completes (however terrible that may well be).

With that all said I want to ask a number of questions as I'm rather young and don't have much experience with any of this, originally this was a dream and 2 years with this amazing women had pushed me to make the dream a reality, planning to finally push and move to Sweden in 1 to 2 years to allow proper planning. (I have also stayed and flown to Sweden a number of times, love the country, have stayed in both gothenburg and Stockholm).

My first question is how realistic is it to attempt to buy a home, in the UK you generally buy at around 5-10% of a home value for a deposit depending on your credit score (I read that swedish credit score is mostly managed by one company?) But in Sweden its typically 15% - I've went through a number of swedish bank calculators but couldn't find a solid answer for how long I'd have to work for to be realistic, any advice on this would be ideal and I don't know much myself.

My second question is relating to finding work - is it best to attempt to find a job before moving or once in there? My degree is in computing and while I'm 25 I have a degree and 4 years experience, my swedish isn't strong however I'm learning and improving this, once there I imagine it'll improve better than my current free time studies and lessons with the girlfriend. How important is speaking swedish with finding a job? Any advice again would be very welcome.

Lastly how difficult is it to finally become "swedish" my plan was to eventually come back to Scotland after Brexit but given the current state I currently don't believe this is an option for me. I'll have British and Irish nationality, is it possible to have 3 at once or would I need to drop one? Could I drop irish and pick up swedish while maintaining EU rights?

Kind regards
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post 29.Jul.2019, 06:32 AM
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You are extremely unlikely to get a loan without being a resident, having a job and a personal number.

So first you need that Irish passport as Brexit is close. At the same time find a job here from there, in your sector it won't be any easier living here. Then move, rent, then buy. It takes time but currently you both have no jobs or credit history in sweden. So unless you are buying a house 100% cash up front you've no chance.
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post 29.Jul.2019, 07:51 AM
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you may not need a mortgage, 500k should be enough to buy a house outside big city that is, anyway do not rush to buy, try to live in Sweden first, swedish day to day life is not for everyone, many give up and leave, reality differs a lot from advertised swedish fasade, good luck mate
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post 2.Aug.2019, 07:41 AM
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I will not get into the 'Brexit' mojo, because it is pointless.

To chime in on housing; like it is said in Stockholm and the height of the prices here 300K to 500K may be a start, but yes, it depends on the bank. However if you have the chance to go a bit further out North of Stockholm around 60 to 100KM, there are decent properties for sale there.
Secondly, banks have in the past years grown extremely stringent on providing mortgages to foreigners; some people get lucky, no doubt, but banks in general work with the following framework;
That you have had a job for the duration of one year, and that you have at least 3 years of taxable income in Sweden.
That said it also depends on the bank or the person that approves it, because that is the beauty of Sweden; you can walk by 5 different people and get 5 different answers. Or a curse...

No that rule is not 'fixed' but it has been a bit harder for people to get a mortgage in Sweden since the rules have become increasingly tougher, and with good cause, but that is another topic.

In regards to citizenship, or becoming 'Swedish', applications for Swedish citizenship have been skyrocketing, and just like the above some people get it sorted out quickly, while others are waiting 3+ years even if they tick all the boxes. That is exactly that after one year of waiting for my application I withdrew it. No need to wait that long and I am happy I did not go through with it on hindsight.
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