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end of relationship

need help

post 7.Mar.2017, 01:14 PM
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my cse is bit complicated. i moved to sweden Three months ago to leave with my wife. now she is dating with a two years permit. now she is dating Another man and kicked me out of her apartment. she filled for divorce pappers alone and submitted it to the Court. i can tell you that i did nothing wrong. she said waiting for me over 18 months made her lose her patience and even love she felt for me. my question is this: if the divorce is pronounced shortly, will i be allowed to stay in sweden untill my permit expires or the immigration will immediatly revok it and ask me to leave the country.
please advice me.
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post 8.Mar.2017, 01:48 PM
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Based off of this page on MV's website, as well as a good handful of stories I've heard of people applying for a new TUT from within Sweden based off of a new relationship (because their original one ended), I believe you are good to stay until your permit expires. If you can find a job, you can later change your permit to a work permit. If you start studying, you can change it to a study permit. If you find a new relationship, you can apply for a new sambo TUT. Or better yet... just read the link I posted above, as MV's website has some good info there. I am unsure if a newly registered divorce will flag your case for any reason, but it sounds like MV doesn't expect couples who broke up to immediately deport themselves from the likes of the above link.
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post 8.Mar.2017, 06:23 PM
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As I recall, several girls (mostly from the Philippines and also Russia) from my SFI group married Swedish gentlemen, stayed with them for a year or so, got divorced and then remained in Sweden with some sort of legal status. Seemed like kind of a scam but perhaps the Swedish men got what they wanted out of the bargain. Bottom line is, I don't think divorce automatically gets you ousted. However, as mjennin says, getting a job would improve your chances of staying. Hopefully that is your goal: to get a job and be able to support yourself.
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post 1.Jun.2017, 11:31 PM
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Unfortunately you probably will not be allowed to stay, unless it is special and exceptional circumstances, like family ties to Sweden. It won't be revoked immediately after 3 months, but system will generate that it is expired. And a notice might be followed through.
Your best bet is to start looking at alternative visas.

Have heard a case or two of similar stories, and most have just returned home because of the hassle of transferring and doing applications, it is a hassle, best to hire a lawyer than get feedback from a forum in this situation.
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