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Rules about sickness

What happens if I have to go to the doctor often

post 25.Feb.2013, 09:30 PM
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Let's say that you are ill. Then you perhaps need to go the doctor once the 1st week and be not working that 1 day.

Then next week you are out for 3 days.

For the next week you could be out for 2 days and the week after maybe another 1 day.

How does it work then ?

Do they count being sick as the first day only in week 1 or ? Are you considered as being away for 4 days so you dont get paid for those 4 1st days?

Bit confused here ?

Also ... been checking the Forsakringskassan website and oddly my employer details are missing there !! ohmy.gif ... But of course in Skatteverket the taxes etc etc paid are there. Should I register my employer details in Forsakringskassan again ?

Thanks !

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post 26.Feb.2013, 11:36 AM
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You need to have a sickness certificate from the 8th calendar day of a sickness if you are still too ill to work. If you are often sick for a few days the employer may demand a sick certificate from day 1 or Occupational Health (företagsläkare) might be brought in to assess whether you are fit to work or if adjustments are needed. If you return to work and therefore declare yourself healthy inbetween then there will be a new unpaid day for each new sickness period although there is a limit of 10 unpaid days per year

If you need to go to the doctor but are capable of working then most people do not take a full day off for such a visit but will make an early/late appointment and work the rest of the day
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post 27.Feb.2013, 08:21 AM
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Thanks ! smile.gif
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