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The Local _ Cooking _ Where can I buy loose pearled Barley grain?

Posted by: Expat Hilary 18.Oct.2016, 09:11 AM

I have been to ICA and they don't seem to have plain Barley grain. They had it pulverized and flattened but I need it as a loose grain that could be used in something like Barley soup. Anyone have any recommendations for a grain store or somewhere that might have it?

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions

Posted by: Emerentia 18.Oct.2016, 12:05 PM

Can't you perhaps use "korngryn" (pot barley) to a barley soup? I think they are availiable in most supermarkets and looks like this:

If you need "pärlgryn" (pearl barley), which is the inner part of "korngryn", and cooked for a shorter time, then you probably need to go to an "immigrant store", go to the suburbs and check. (For instance Kistagrossen, JD-livs i Rinkeby, Munirs Livs, Skärholmen if you're located in the Stockholm area), they might have it.

If you need whole barley, the kind that you soak in water before you boil it, you could try this:

If you're in the Stockholm area, you can probably find it here:
or here:

Otherwise you might find it in a "hälsokostbutik".

If you need a lot you could go to Granngården where it's sold as fodder for livestock.

Perhaps you can order smaller amounts here:

Hope you find it somewhere!

Posted by: Gamla Hälsingebock 18.Oct.2016, 06:32 PM

Can they making automatic erecting flour, AKA self raising flour, out of barley???

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