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Pastry Chef and Chocolatier
Culinary Education and Training
3 Beachhanna… 5,447 3.Oct.2011
By: Beachhanna…
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Canned chicken broth
Is it available anywhere in Sweden?
7 soultravel… 6,226 26.Sep.2011
By: Streja
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Polarpärlan fullkorn Bread
Maybe someone has a recipe?
5 *cheesedonu…* 4,004 25.Sep.2011
By: soultravel…
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Cream of Tartar
What is it called in Swedish?
7 damaros 26,556 16.Sep.2011
By: William Sa…
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Marmite now banned in Denmark
So the Daily Mails says  * 1234
57 Johno 15,332 16.Sep.2011
By: linavi390
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Mastic Apple Jam
Easy anyone can make it.
3 nolikegoho… 3,414 6.Sep.2011
By: Jamtjim
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Cream of Tartar
Where to find?
7 NataBee 3,121 28.Aug.2011
By: Stickeroo
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Veganism in the adult world.
A question of ethics.
11 byke 2,580 13.Aug.2011
By: axiom
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Native dishes of Stockholm and Sweden
Need info on genuine Stockholm cuisine  * 12
22 TravelChef 13,749 21.Jun.2011
By: TravelChef
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Oven French fries in Sweden
Why are they so Disgusting and awful?
7 byke 3,516 8.Jun.2011
By: frey
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The Famous Manga Curry pickle from South India
This is a modified version  * 12
19 nolikegoho… 6,323 29.May.2011
By: nolikegoho…
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Milk substitute in Sweden
In case anyone is looking
3 soultravel… 8,591 13.May.2011
By: soultravel…
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How to adhese your spring rolls
Without eggs or flour & water
7 nolikegoho… 3,633 6.May.2011
By: nolikegoho…
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Finding food in Stockholm
Organic? lamb? battered prawns / scampi?  * 12
15 Kahlan 10,301 26.Mar.2011
By: Willy
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Rabbit soup yummy
Lean meat for those who want to lose weight
7 nolikegoho… 3,730 8.Mar.2011
By: TheOneWhoT…
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Self raising flour - it's called "extra fint mjöl"
If you can't find any - add bakpulver to normal  * 12
22 Thorfinna 10,622 6.Feb.2011
By: mikewhite
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Rescued Banana Bread/Banankaka Recipe
Don't throw out those brown bananas!
5 Shibumi 5,768 4.Feb.2011
By: Nitwade
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toast bread in Sweden
those disgusting end bits
11 eardoctor 4,263 3.Feb.2011
By: mikewhite
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Fresh poultry and beef
for reasonable price !  * 12
23 visitings 12,610 18.Jan.2011
By: newbluevim
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Potato, Swede and Carrot Bake
A relief from all those festive meats!
9 MrHappy7 7,271 6.Jan.2011
By: MrHappy7
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Food / Cooking tips for christmas
Help others avoid the pitfalls of common mistakes
1 byke 1,554 22.Dec.2010
By: newbluevim
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Whatcha eating for x-mas?
Traditional local foods or other?  * 12
17 byke 4,655 18.Dec.2010
By: *pinkrose*
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American Thanksgiving Celebration
Kristinehamn or nearby
4 mudpuddles… 2,006 25.Nov.2010
By: Traveling2…
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Turkey in Stockholm
where can I find one?
11 doddkt 6,716 24.Nov.2010
By: doddkt
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any cooking club in stockholm?
interested in cooking?  * 12
18 Susan Lu 5,076 22.Nov.2010
By: Subterfuge
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wanting to make cookies
can you get molasses here?
10 soultravel… 3,011 18.Nov.2010
By: Carl T
No New Posts 13 RealLove 2,848 18.Nov.2010
By: petrasflor…
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Panko bread crumbs
Where to find?
5 MonicaH_lv 6,839 18.Nov.2010
By: Veggie
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SA's National Dish
I really dont know  * 12
20 Tania Nils… 5,819 14.Nov.2010
By: ruth_in_sw…
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Recipe Exchange Thread
Post your favourite recipe here
14 SarahRF 4,518 11.Nov.2010
By: *eartus*
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