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Rents and Areas Malmo.

Where and why i should live in.

post 27.Feb.2018, 12:05 PM
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Hi everyone,

I am going to move to Malmo in a few weeks time and would like to know which areas would be suitable to live in for a single male. Please note that I'll have to commute to IKEA Hubhult everyday so anything which isn't too far would be good. Whatever you guys recommend please mention why you do so i.e food options, easy to park a bike etc.)

Also, what are the rent prices like for a small furnished studio? I have looked around on internet but couldn't find any reliable information.

Moreover, what would be the best way to make some friends and by friends I mean some genuine people. I have already joined a few meetups but just wondering if there is anything else one can do on weekends in groups? does tinder work there?

Thanks in advance everyone and I hope Swedes prove to be friendly to an expat. smile.gif
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post 28.Feb.2018, 06:23 PM
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Somewhere in Möllevången district (Trianglen station area) would be handy for your commute to IKEAland. Vibrant and generally affordable area, good mix of people and lots of restaurants and nightlife. Rent for studio around 7000 SEK, but these are 2012 prices in my head. The bloody hipsters are driving up the rents a bit recently, especially in Möllevången.

Trianglen station also very handy with direct trains to Copenhagen all night.

Stay away from the Turning Torso area. A white ghetto filled with soulless people.
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post 9.Mar.2018, 01:34 PM
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You could check out Bunkeflostrand, also look up triangeln train station, then the surrounding areas around there.

In terms of meeting people and making friends, meetup and internations are a good start, also look up hobbies you are into, and join those clubs. I ended up making some good friends through Toastmasters (a hobby I've done for 4 years, including 2 years in NZ before i moved to Sweden). Hopefully, meeting people through hobbies you enjoy, will result in some geniuine friendships.
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