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Pre-School Teach Certification

What's the process to become certified in Sweden?

post 14.Mar.2010, 12:23 AM
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Hey all,

I'm curious about and would appreciate any insight regarding the process to become a certified pre-school teacher in Sweden. I've done a bit of research online, but I couldn't find anything specifically aimed toward pre-school teachers. I've got experience in child-care with pre-school aged children and studied psychology in university, but have no certification to teach.

Any advice/resources to check out would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot smile.gif
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post 14.Mar.2010, 11:07 AM
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Which qualification are you interested in as there are 2 in Sweden:
1.Pre school teacher - förskollärare age 1-7 (dagis + F/noll klasses for 6 year olds)
- this a teaching degree with an early years specialism and is a 3-4 year degree course (most places 3½ years) - which combines university study with practical placements
you will need the basic University entrance requirements including gymnasiet svenska B/TISUS and somtimes other high school subjects are needed
You can do this at most universities and colleges that have teacher training degrees
If you speak Swedish you can read up more here

2. Nursery nurse - barnskötare - for children aged 1-6 (dagis age)
This is a gymnasiet or high school level course called the Barn- och fritidsprogrammet that takes 3 years and includes work related placements - you can take this at komvux in larger towns
Usually you will need good basis Swedish such as SAS Grund or GRUV - sometimes direct from SFI D if your Swedish is good enough to kep up with all the subjects

hope this helps

Sometimes private and independent nurseries take in unqualified staff
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post 15.Mar.2010, 05:54 AM
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I took the certification (pre-school/elementary although the combined certification is no longer offered at SU) at SU. It took 3 1/2 yrs and to get in you need to have taken up to Svenska B (though, if you can, I reccomend either taking more swedish or continually studying it when you get to Uni like I did...when you get to the part where you write your C-uppsats, your swedish must be perfect although it is possible to write it in English..but overall it is preferred to write it in swedish and since all the courses are in swedish up to this point, it should not make a difference), the equivalent of English B (in my case, I had already taken English at Uni level), and some foreign language besides English/Swedish. It is a really great program but it is consistently changing so keep up to date on what is needed by contacting the University.

You can also decrease the time in the program if you have taken enough college courses at another Uni that you can use as a minor towards your pre-school degree. Such as if you have taken six months of developmental psychology, you could use that as one of the two minors you will have to take to recieve your certification..that is if it is accepted by SU or another University.

I do not reccomend taking the barnskötare certification overall due to the fact that pre-school teachers are what the schools are really looking for. Many barnskötare are not guarenteed a permanent position at a pre-school and can be replaced if a pre-school teacher is found.
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