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The Local _ Legal _ Unfair treatment at work

Posted by: Raindear 7.May.2017, 11:01 AM

Sorry if this should have been posted in jobs.

I have been here in Sweden for three years. Had my first job in the IT industry from 2014 to last summer then was headhunted last year and joined another IT company.

Things have been going well, delivered several big projects and had my probation passed. Feedback was well, had my first year review and the plan was laid out for 2018.

Last week had a meeting with the number two in command and they said that I was doing a good job and that I even had managerial potential.

Fast forward four days and suddenly a chat with my boss they now say they have a plan to let me go. No real reasons given, just a lot of small excuses (working from home a little too much, not very talkative at work)

I've had no warnings, no written or verbal warnings from HR just this bolt out of the blue.

I've never lost a job before but you can imagine the stress and grief this is causing me. With an apartment to pay for and family it's tough.

I have a Union & A-Kassa but just wondered if they can legally do this. Union I am meeting in two weeks but have a feeling the decision will be made before.

Posted by: Martian 7.May.2017, 11:33 AM

Unfortunately, you are another victim of Swedish bureaucracy. You are moving too fast for them and you need to "tar det lugnt". The only way they can slow you down on your fast lane is to let you go. Even if the Union fights on your behalf, they are only prolonging the eventuality for you. I would start a serious job search if I were you. My only hope for you is that you get another job before you get caught up by migrationsverket, unless you are not on the work permit route.

Posted by: Raindear 7.May.2017, 11:42 AM

Yeah I will start the job process tomorrow!

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