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Christmas market assistance

Any in november in Gothenburg?

post 7.Nov.2011, 09:34 PM
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does anybody know any julmarknader taking place in Gothenburg in November? not the big stuff like Liseberg etc, maybe something a bit more small. thanks for any help.
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post 7.Nov.2011, 09:49 PM
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there will loads rurally, I would imagine if it's like Smaland, there will be one every 10km somewhere between now and xmas, I was at one on Sat, we are selling stuff at another in 2 weeks. They are generally advertised very locally, it might make the local paper, but more likely just noticeboards outside village halls, the local towns ica etc.. probably not on the internet. You need to do some trawling around, asking in local shops, not in centre of the city.

However, you might not get a place , not because there is not room, but because they like to plan ahead very very early. Our one in 2 weeks time has been planned for 5 months, we have had a stall holders meeting in Sept, they take their preparations rather seriously even though most stuff can be fixed with a few phone calls or a group email. But why have phone calls and emails when you can have a 3 hour meeting. Then of course there is the meeting planning, where it is worked out who is bringing the drinks and the cakes for the meeting... you get my drift...

ps. be prepared to discuss stuff like car parking - always an exciting topic wink.gif
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