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Toddler speech development and behaviorial issues
Advice on the right person to see or talk to
14 Uncommon 7,491 14.Aug.2009
By: skane refu…
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Financial divorce agreement required by court?
Legal procedure for splitting of assets
1 brentles 3,077 9.Aug.2009
By: Puffin
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Swedish elementary education
Feedback and opinions on how good it is  * 12
22 mk32 12,258 4.Aug.2009
By: irishmark
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Children's TV programs in English
How to access these in Sweden
3 *Guest* 4,331 2.Aug.2009
By: skane refu…
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Parental leave in Sweden
Info on the rules and regulations
3 Gchinese 4,848 31.Jul.2009
By: Donut
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Deliberately letting a child catch chickenpox
What's the opinion on this in Sweden?
14 koshka 9,909 30.Jul.2009
By: Puffin
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Bringing up bilingual kids
Advice for parents on how to handle it  * 12
27 hanno1 9,372 20.Jul.2009
By: David S
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Who pays off a student loan after divorce
Must the debt be shared between both partners?
10 4,692 17.Jul.2009
By: Greg in Ca…
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Death of a parent - memories for the children
Ideas what to do when a parent is terminally ill  * 12
19 Wills 5,566 30.Jun.2009
By: tomdeuchar
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Pregnancy care for non-residents of Sweden
Cost of visiting a doctor when paying privately
1 *Guest* 2,375 27.Jun.2009
By: Puffin
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Ideal present
Something typically Swedish
7 DaveN 4,136 21.Jun.2009
By: Mzungu
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Parental benefit
Difference between Föräldrapenning and Barnbidrag
9 NEXT 7,331 17.Jun.2009
By: Puffin
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Help with understanding EU child benefits
E.g. when living in Sweden but working in Denmark
9 wwm 6,847 16.Jun.2009
By: Puffin
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Crazy car seat prices in Sweden
Why are they so expensive here?  * 12
16 amira hele… 17,863 13.Jun.2009
By: 7
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Cellprovskontroll in Sweden
This is a girly issue, so guys, be warned
5 soultravel… 3,223 9.Jun.2009
By: soultravel…
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Au pair and nanny agencies in Sweden
Contact info, recommended websites, etc.
1 *Guest* 8,531 24.May.2009
By: rebecaro
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Advice on becoming an au pair in Sweden
Who pays for language classes, personummer, etc.
12 Kim Mountz 13,300 20.May.2009
By: Kim Mountz
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Ex-wife keeps breaking our child custody agreement
How to deal with this and stop her harassing me?  * 123
38 Beef 13,375 11.May.2009
By: Bee
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How to get a divorce with custody of a child
Married to a Swede but wanting to move back home  * 12
20 *Guest* 13,433 7.May.2009
By: Essingen
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Birthday celebrations at dagis (preschools)
Would dressing up as a superhero be allowed?
7 Mmamma 3,771 5.May.2009
By: Mmamma
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Are Swedish children over-sexed?
At what age should birds and bees be discussed?  * 12
18 SEK 9,917 8.Apr.2009
By: Shark99 - …
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Breaking up with a sambo and child in Sweden
Entitlement to residency and benefit money  * 12
22 Soifong 10,653 8.Apr.2009
By: bonjour
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By: debs
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By: Princess P
No New Posts 11 Stüpid 9,465 9.Dec.2008
By: Puffin
No New Posts 13 Princess P 5,025 3.Dec.2008
By: Princess P
No New Posts 8 Princess P 4,256 21.Nov.2008
By: Princess P
No New Posts 6 C4i 3,818 7.Nov.2008
By: Puffin
No New Posts 3 Puffin 2,255 1.Aug.2008
By: Streja
No New Posts 27 Puffin 8,108 11.Apr.2008
By: Puffin
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