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The Local _ Studying _ Teacher training in Sweden (English language)

Posted by: suziecreamcheese 23.Sep.2017, 09:53 PM


Brit here, been living in Sweden for 7 years. Currently employed by the local Kommun, desperately looking for a change and am seriously thinking about studying to become an English teacher. I'm thinking up to Gymnasium level. No previous experience in teaching however English is my first language. I left school in Britain with only my GSCE's so I guess my first question is, would I be able to begin studying given that I haven't completed the equivalent to Gymnasium level here in Sweden? My next question is, where do I start? I'm going to contact a SIV in UmeƄ university on Monday to discuss my options, but thought I'd throw it out on here first. Next step is to contact the local schools and see if I can sit in on some lectures to see what a teacher's day looks like and how their lessons are structured. I've been on the Skolverket website, and didn't really get very far in regards to the finding the curriculum here in Sweden (amongst other things!). I live in a very small town where, from what I can gather, the standard of English doesn't seem to be very high. I'm by no means saying that my English is perfect, but keeping in mind that I have predominantly been speaking Swedish and Swedish only for past 6 years, I feel I still would have the advantage here in Sweden and possibly quite a lot to offer. Anyway, I'm rambling!

Any advice, replies are greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Bsmith 23.Sep.2017, 10:47 PM

Suzie, I am not sure what qualifications one must have to teach in Sweden. Perhaps you can talk to the rector at your neighborhood school and see what he/she has to say. As far as structuring your class, I would look online for a good English as a Second Language textbook and start from there. Then you can add your own flavor to make the class as interesting and relevant as possible. Good luck.

Posted by: zulash 5.Nov.2017, 02:12 PM

please do you mind help me suggest a good university for masters in Software Engineering, in Sweden ?

Posted by: amerrasheed 5.Feb.2019, 05:28 PM

I would suggest SE department of BTH, Karlskrona is good.

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